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Waspi Woman

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fruitsalad | 17:25 Sun 31st Mar 2024 | Business & Finance
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Do you have to register to claim compensation, for Waspi woman, if there is to be any that is.



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Not that i know of,a lot of campaigning groups on the go though.Nothing from the Westminster government,fruit,i thought the SNP government would be more sympathetic,but no,they dont give a damn either.

Question Author

I might register with the campaign group, the more the merrier, so they say.

"WASPI women do not have to register anywhere to receive any compensation, should it be offered. The Ombudsman website states: "If we make recommendations, we will ask DWP to apply those recommendations to everyone who has been affected by any failings we identify."

Are you in the qualifying age bracket, fruit?  

Question Author

Thanks for the link Barry

And yes born 1957 

I hope the Waspi's are successful, although it could bankrupt the country - more than it is already, if that's possible.

If they do have to pay up, I bet they deduct any benefits that the women have received during the qualifying years.

The Ombudsman's report states,

" Parliament may want to consider a mechanism for assessing individual claims of injustice. Or it may consider a flat-rate payment would deliver more efficient resolution, recognising that will inevitably mean some women being paid more or less compensation than they otherwise would."

It could be that if some women believe they are entitled to more than is offered, they would have to submit a claim providing details and evidence to support that claim.

If a set amount is given to all women potentially worse off, there will be those who were aware of the changes, took appropriate action and suffered no financial losses.

There will be those unaware of the changes, who took no remedial action and suffered more losses than the amount of the compensation offered.

Is it better for everyone to be paid something relatively quickly rather than paying everyone the appropriate amount but taking years to do it?


My feeling is, should there be a payment it will be the pre determined depending on date of birth and paid automatically. There will be no resources to manage individual claims - more efficient to pay out to all.

That won't stop an appeal by the Waspi campaigners but I believe that should that succeed too, and uplift will apply to all relevant women.

Like the winter fuel allowance, some will receive it who really don't need it whilst others will continue to struggle to make ends meet. 

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Waspi Woman

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