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Writing a cheque in foreign currency

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catherine_s | 21:39 Tue 23rd May 2006 | Business & Finance
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This may sound like a totally stupid question, but I need to send a cheque to New Zealand in their currency. Can I just write the cheque out in New Zealand Dollars or do I have to send them something different?




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Yes you can simply write out a cheque in the foreign currency. The difficulty is persuading the recipient to accept it. However if he presents it to his bank they will pay it in. You will find that you have to pay about 10% extra when the cheque is cleared at you bank as both the remote bank and your own levy charges for the transaction.

Hope this helps.



You can however go to your bank and get a foreign currency cheque. More convenient to the recipient but can be expensive.

Thomas Cook exchnge deesks also used to do this and probably still do.

You should check with your bank first.

I've just checked with mine (hence the delay in answering) who are Nationwide and they say cheques can't be written in a currency other than sterling.

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Writing a cheque in foreign currency

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