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kevin@onyref | 22:55 Sat 08th Mar 2008 | Business & Finance
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anyone been miss sold ppi by picture finance


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it may well be that you have been mis-sold ppi by a finance company, however there is a growing band of people who are looking for a way to claim - for anything - just for a payday. This is nothing more than 'victim' culture in most cases as they were normally more than happy to take ppi at the time, but chose not to read the t&c's and want to blame somebody else for that now.

Anybody jumping on a claims bandwagon is to be despised in my opinion, as they are wasting significant amounts of peoples time and worsening an already bad culture in the UK.

If you have been genuinely mis-sold however, you can start by writing to the lender and stating your case. It should be brought to your attention though that Picture have ceased trading a few weeks ago, because they ran out of money!! (seriously).

Good luck
Please tell me, is that the "Is that thunder at your end?" or "Josh, we've found your skateboard" mob - oh to think we'll never see ad's of such class again!

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