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My Nephew And His New Girlfriend

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shyshy | 21:52 Wed 22nd Jun 2016 | Family Life
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My husband s nephew has been staying with us off and on he was homeless he works for a temp agency pays us something well he gets a new girlfriend he is the type quick to say he gets tired of people telling him what to do.

Him and his new girlfriend think they are slick well like 2 weeks ago she spends the night without asking could not get in where she lives boy I was on fire told him about it when he came in from work well lo and behold Sunday night she came back with him they watched basketball game and she stays.

I got on him and the only reason I did not say go he says him and her are to move into a house on Friday me and my husband said alright slip up before then that is it I had told him he had to go.

Now I saying if her and him say fall out watch he is going to wont to come back here I hate to say this I really do not plan on that one I tell him something husband he sorry no you are not and they are to dam slick no.

How do I go about telling my husband that its going to be no to him when say they fall out I have a 23 year old special needs daughter also how are they going to be living together I say a mess.


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sorry, don't understand your question
You need to tell your husband he has given his nephew enough chances , give him a week to find somewhere to live then take his key away.

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My Nephew And His New Girlfriend

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