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My Son's Mum Was Arrested For Assulting Him

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jordie123 | 19:45 Sat 24th Dec 2016 | Parenting
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Hi my 3 year old son's mum who is my ex was arrested for assulting him and is currently on bail with conditions she's not aloud to see him unsupervised and not aloud to speak on the phone with him she has previous for assult, he's currently staying at his grandparents parents as socials want to assess me as she stoppedal me seeing him for the last 6 months although he's alout to come to me and go out unsupervised I just want to no what the likely outcome will be any help would be grateful please


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How badly did she assault him?
Question Author
Well he was left with a bruised under his eye and a lump on his head
Gosh...poor fella.

I can't say for certain but she might be made to attend parenting classes. Social services are usually very good at this sort of thing.

I've has dealings with SS (my son had a very bad reaction to the death of my dad) and they were brilliant. Your son is much younger though and as you haven't seen him in 6 months they might advise a contact centre until get to know each other again.
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Sorry I didn't say he's seeing me unsupervised they came round to assess me with him we have a strong bond and he always tells the socail worker he wanted to see me he was on a child protection plan cause of her and then taken of and she's done all them classes that's why I wanted to no will they let him stay with me and what reasons wouldn't they let him
Have you seen a solicitor? Are you in a position to care for him full time?
Hard to comment without knowing more about the situation. But the Grandparents are usually the first ones considered for custody if the Mother can't have the child. When you say ''will they let him stay with me?'' Do you mean to have custody or to be designated a 'safe' adult he can go to if the Grandparents can't look after him at any time?
You certainly can apply for regular visits by the child to your house.
The SS will have assessed not only you, but also your house to see if it is safe for a small child.
For example,the father of one of my Grandchildren wanted the child to be able to stay with him at his house. The SS decided the house was not safe as it had a garden with very steep concrete steps that she could have fallen down the windows were also too easy to open meaning the child could get out without him noticing. He had to have a gate fitted so that the child could not fall down the steps and window locks.
I really don't like to criticize, but it is hard to be certain I am understanding the exact story as you have not written in sentences,no full stops or capital letters and just one comma in your question and replies.
Can you try to explain more clearly please it really will help understand a difficult / complicated situation.
Really Eddie, he's asking a queston not writing a thesis, perfectly easy to understand the op.

I really didn't like to mention it but in something as important as this it is vital to be sure we are not inadvertently missing a point.
Jordie123 when you say 'she has previous for assault' do you mean assault against a child or an adult? It will make a difference to how SS assess the case. Also what do you mean by 'although he's alout ( allowed ?) to come to me and go out unsupervised''
Do you mean there is already an agreement for the child to visit you?
If so that is a point in your favour.
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It may be worth reading Jordie's oher posts, a bit of background and possibly an even younger child involved.
^^ Thanks Mamylynne , it looks like jordie123 himself has got a conviction for assault!
jordie123, sorry, but if you do have a conviction for assault it is not going to help your case for access to the child.
Question Author
I don't have history of assult I got nfa at court. So please don't start judging! And yes ss are allowing him to come to me unsupervised and they came to me yesterday to assess me and my house she said the house was fine, and is telling my to look for a local nursery I don't wanna get my hopes up to be let down hence this post it's never beemind a probit for me to see my son only when the mum stopsaid out of spite and she has previous for assult on adults and is on a suspended sentence
Excellent news, The SS are happy and the court says the mother can not have the child so it looks like you. The SS and the family court see this every day, the mother refuses to allow the father access to the child as a 'punishment' for the breakup of the relationship.They will not be influenced by her attitude. Happy Christmas.
Are the Grandparents happy for you to have your son or are they likely to fight to keep him? That is the only problem I can see. It would be very much the best to work out a plan with the Grandparents so that your son has two loving caring places he can feel safe!
Question Author
Thanks Eddie51 and they can only him till the start of jan thays what they said, that's why the ss wanted to assess me so hopefully he will be here soon. I'm Iving with my parents atm who have raised 5 kids of there own
Looks like it is going to work out well then, just make sure the grandparents stay in touch. I have 5 kids and 12 Grandchildren, 2 are separated from their fathers , so I have had expierience of this situation.
Please come back on here if there are any problems or you need advice.
Question Author
Yeah I will if I have home full time I'm gonna sort with the grandparents so they still see him as they've done nothing wrong cheers for your help Eddie51 hope you have a good Christmas
Glad to hear you are wanting to include the grandparents, they are a vital part of your sons family. Best of luck.

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My Son's Mum Was Arrested For Assulting Him

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