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What relation am I?

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Goldensmile | 11:11 Thu 09th Dec 2004 | Parenting
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My uncle by marriage (my blood-aunt's husband) has two daughters, who are my cousins.  Their father's sister has two children, who are my cousin's cousins.  Am I related to my cousin's cousins?



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You wouldn't be a blood relation of them at all, but you probably could claim a very slight relationship through marraige.


I get really confused with the whole first cousin, second cousin, twice removed, etc classifications - I come from a very large family and all and sundry are just called 'cousins' whether they are 1st, 2nd, cousins cousins, etc. Makes for interesting family reunions!


They would be your second cousins if they were your blood cousin's cousins.


So they are probably your second cousins by marriage.


I'm sure someone will be along soon to disagree ...

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I didn't think I was legally related but my cousins' cousins' mother, i.e. their blood-aunt, says I should call her "auntie" because she is my aunt.  I'd rather call her "auntie" because she's my Mum's friend, which she is, and of an older generation.

Have a look at this site -theres lots of links that help work out these sort of relationships
Not legally. You have no blood line to them.

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What relation am I?

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