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Parenting difference of opinion. . .

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kittyvonlitter | 15:26 Mon 15th Mar 2010 | Parenting
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I have bought my 3 and a half year old Daughter a little girly make up kit (made for children) for her Easter as she is always wanting to play with my make up. I rang my husband to tell him and he went absolutely bananas insisting she was too young. "So why do they make make up aimed at children that age then?" was my response, but he just yelled "she's my Daughter and she's not having it". Only he doesn't mind when shes flinging my stuff around the bedroom. My Daughter is a real girly girl and adores dressing up and role playing, she is also quite a smart little cookie for her age and knows not to eat it or paint it all over the walls. Heaven forbid if my 1 year old gets hold tho! lol
Any advice welcome, thank you.


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I wouldn't have a problem with it. It's between you and your husband though. I wouldn't fall out over it because makeup for a 3 year old is not important enough.
I don't think I used red smarties as lipstick until I was about 8...........before then I just enjoyed getting extremely dirty and building dens with the 'gang'.......
if she's making herself up, I think it's fine.

if it's done in an adult way, I think it's weird.

don't take her out with make-up on, or it'll make the front cover of the News Of The World :o)
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ummmm we never go to bed on an argument so we'll no doubt thrash it out tonight.

craft same here, altho I was a major tomboy up until about age 10.

sara it would only be her playing with it in her room or tent in the back garden, I cannot abide parents that doll up there little girls then parade them. plus its the wash off easy kind and its not like nail polish or anything just lipgloss and eye shadow + blush.
TBH Kitty....I would even argue about it.
oooo a toughy!

One of you is going to have to cave in and I'm afriad it might be you kkittyvonlitter (sorry!). I've a 5 year old daughter so i know all too well the 'daddy's princess' mentality thing they have going on. Mine's very much like yours and said she wasn't even going to go out dating until she's

You more than likely won't change his mind and i have yo say i really dont think a little makeup set is something to dig your heels in about. Don't worry, your little darling will cause many many many such rows in the future ;-)
Chances are that she will have used up the lot within a week, compromise would be that she gets no more when it is done. I am a great believer in what he doesn't know doesn't hurt, if you hadn't mentioned it chances are they would never have noticed. Not that i am suggesting that you lie about it, but sometimes it is better not to mention things in the first place - if he is sufficiently interested then he will ask.
Doesn't work annie, though a good idea. If kitty's daughters anything like mine she'll go racing to daddy to show it off as soon as she's done it and then kitty's in the same boat, or perhaps worse as she can hardly take it off her to stop a row can she?
Well if you think that's a problem my 3 yr old grandSON came tottering in yesterday wearing pink plastic high heels! I haven't stopped laughing yet

To answer your question I don't think it's a problem, my granddaughters have always had play make up but that's all it is, they never leave the house in it (how g'son got under the wire I don't know :o) ). Hope you and your husband can sort it out without a fuss.
I've gotta be honest I would side with your hubby on this. Not only 'cos she's Daddies little princess, but also 'cos in my opinion she's to young as well.

The statement "So why do they make make up aimed at children that age then?" doesn't really justify it. There are also bras for 8 year olds and thongs for 10 year olds, as well as Playboy pencil cases in with the Pooh Bear ones. They make those for youngsters as well, so does that make them ok?
3 1/2 years is too young to be using a makeup kit.
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Bobjugs and TTG, a bit of play makeup is a bit different to thongs and padded bras. It's the same thing that makes wee girls put on mum's high heels and push a pram. They are playing at being grown ups and they've always done it - which is very different from dressing up as per-pubescent sex kittens.
Kittyvonlitter, this is just dads for you. My daughter is in her teens and wears a little makeup but she is always sure to scrub her face clean before she goes to her dad's cos she knows he'll go mad. Be prepared for this type of fight to go on till she's about 40 ;)
My daughter is eleven, and it makes me feel uncomfortable if she tries a bit of make up.

Please be tolerant of us fathers, we are a strange breed when it coes to our daughters.
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I want to thank you all for your opinions + suggestions. In the end the bloke saw the kit, realised it was bubblegum pink + cutesy colours - NOT harlot red false nails + whatever else he had in his noggin. So he has agreed she can have it so long as she doesn't leave the house plastered in it, which I would never let happen anyway. As for ur statement bobjugs - thank you - I'm never going to use that defence appraoch again! lol So lessons learnt all round in this house today. Cheers everyone.
i wouldn't have a problem with it. my daughter always sits with me when i do my make up and to her its like another toy and it keeps her amused

i remember when i was about 3 or 4 having one of those heads that you'd make up and do her hair. i've got pics of me sitting at the kitchen table doing her make up and making a bad job of mine and it wasn't a problem. me and my friends would also play pretend hairdressers.

think its just a modern thing now a days that it seems a big issue

when i was wee we just played with make up as a game and made a right mess but now it seems more for girls to look older and its normally put on better than i can put my own make up on now!!!!
I guess the overprotective Dad side of me came out there.
I finally relented to letting my Daughter have a make-up set of her own when she was 8. Even then I policed when she could and couldn't wear it.

The problem i've got is my ex-wife thinks it's acceptable to buy my daughter mini-skirts. It really boils my blood that there's nothing I can do about it.
A 3 year old in make up - Why? Isn't she pretty
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My 3 year old is a girly girl too. I have occasionally painted her toe nails and she sometimes asks for a bit of lipstick when I'm putting it on - so I just dab a tiny bit on and she's very happy.
My husband doesn't mind at all - nobody sees her toe nails and it's not like we go out with her wearing a dab of lipstick. It's what little girls like to do.
She's got a dressing up box with a pair of plastic high heels which she loves for playing in at home.
I do not see any harm in at all to be honest.

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Parenting difference of opinion. . .

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