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Would you really give a 3mth baby an Easter egg?!

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tigwig | 19:19 Wed 17th Mar 2010 | Parenting
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I was talking to several people today about how my baby is faffing with his bottles. One of them (who happens to be morbidly obese) said he wants something else. As he is only 12 weeks old I don't want to wean him yet until absolutely necessary. After explaining this to her she then went on to say well I bet you'll be getting him an Easter egg won't you?! I couldn't believe it and thought she was joking but she wasn't! I said no I most definitely won't be and she said he would love chocolate buttons! I mean come on, would you really give that to a baby so young or I am going mad?


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No tigwig its mind boggling what they feed little uns these days including crisps at 6months
I used to have battles with my Mum about giving very young babies chocolate. She maintained that white chocolate is 'good' for them. I just think it gives them a sweet tooth; why give them chocolate when they have no idea what it is anyway? I didn't give my first child sweets until he went to playgroup and the other kids had them so he wanted to be the same.
easter eggs at 3months no way are people going mad,
I have never bought my kids an easter egg....aged ..18, 13, 11
Ummmm - that's 'cos they come from the Easter Bunny ;o)

tigwig - absolutely ridiculous isn't it - i have seen people giving small babies chips in McDonalds - my kids didn't know what Mcdonalds was until they were about 5.
No you're right Tigwig! A baby that age could choke on easter egg surely?

I had the same sort of thing with my partners family, when my daughter was about 5 months old and just starting on solids, great granny thought chocolate buttons would be a good idea, when i explained that she was allergic to milk great granny said what about white chocolate? (PMSL) - I was just gratetful for an excuse really though, as I didn't want her having chocolate at such a young age, she still doesn't have it now and she's nearly 2.
dont' even get me started on this one. i've been on AB asking similare questions

i'm like you, i don't think theres any need to be giving babies sweets

but in doing that its like i'm the bad guy for not giving my daughter sweets. she gets enough sweets naturally in her diet from fruit so theres no need to giver her the 'bad sweets'

what i'm finding now is all the mum's who gave their wee ones sweets from an early age all their kids seem to want now is junk fook (crisps, sweets etc) and are not eating their normal food

my daughter now gets the ocasional treat like 4 or 5 milky buttons or a cake at a party but even thats just because everyone other kid is getting it
its awful isnt it - I saw a lady on the bus giving her child(i feel about 4 months old) wotsits. Someone was brave enough to say something to her and she said 'they are a healthier option' it really is sad but this is why there is such an issue with obesity and it is just getting worse. There is a chip shop beside my local supermarket and it is queued out regardless of what time I go to it (I mean the supermarket). Queue on saturday lunchtime, late afternoon with school kids (do they then go home and have dinner) and later into the evening. I see families munching on chips as they come out of there - for starters would it not be much cheaper to go into the supermarket and get something healthier to eat! I also hate seeing babies with fizzy drinks in their bottles - these people have no idea what they are doing to these kids. Sad thing is the kids will just do the same if they live long enought to have their own children. As someone else has mentioned I have also heard people say white chocolate is good for kids - imagine thinking that!
Roll on Food nutrition classes in schools - it shouldn't be the schools having to give this education but as parents aren't, it's going to have to fall on the schools. My lessons in nutrition were learnt from a mother who had learnt down the generations of giving balanced meals to the family, then it was domestic science in secondary school.
I have yet to understand why children aren't taught what can be used in an everyday environment rather than what historical and geographical studies can bring. Diet and choice of foods, health problems, weather etc are daily activities and much easier for a young child to learn than why and how Henry VIII had 6 wives.... and where the hell New Zealand is!!!!!
Just wanted to follow on from B00's packed lunch question Take a look at this topic from Parenting.

Schools are damned if they do and damned if they don't!!!
you are not going mad, i would never give a baby that young chocolate. babies really arent meant to be weaned until 6mths so i wouldnt give them any solids until then. my first child didnt have chocolate until he saw other kids having it and could say he wanted it, he was probably about 2.5yrs. my second has had it earlier though she was about a year old. But i limit all sweets and chocolate to just occasionally and only after dinner. my seven year old loves them and is very happy when he does get them but he never asks for them and see things like strawberries, raspberries etc as treats. we make things like smoothie ice lollies just made of fruit and we also bake cakes with fruit or veg in which they love. Even things like chocolate cereal i would never give my kids for breakfast. my oldest might very rarely get a mini box of coco pops as a treat for a snack but some people feed their kids this rubbish every day. i think if you start from the beginning of weaning giving your kids healthy food and only the occasional treat they love the healthy stuff and are happy to eat it later on. what we feed our kids is what they will choose to eat as adults.

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Would you really give a 3mth baby an Easter egg?!

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