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You Know The Old Gas Fires

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phleb | 22:37 Sun 24th Nov 2013 | Pregnancy
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do you know the tiles that are in them. Well, I crave to eat them, so I bought 4 from ebay for £12 and crushed them, I just had a handful...god they taste fab. I really hope im not harming my baby, but I am craving them so much, I get edgy (like a junkie) Baby feels happy in there though, so that's not a bad sign. I did eat cement, with my second. made it up, let it get hard, and crushed it into small crunchy pieces. My child came out at 9pound 1 ounce, a good healthy little thing.

Do you think it will harm me or the baby, this crazy craving?


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I'm curious, how did you know that that is what you wanted - had you tasted them before?
I wonder what it is that you crave -I've never heard of this one before! I can't think that cement or plaster is doing your innards any good, though - your digestive system's not set up to deal with stuff like that. Does it affect your, er, poos?
Your baby will probably come out with a 'glazed' look
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Glazed look, haha. I tasted it when mum ripped her old fire out. The never though much of it, then smelt it recently in someones house, I was sat next to the fire, it was not on. I could smell the tiles, really weird. That's when I went home and craved them, so I looked everywhere, even considered nicking them from the fire I smelt them in, (that is what junkies do) but I saw them on ebay along with the gas fire, and asked if I can just have the tiles.
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I am always constipated , but this has made me go every day. Not diarrhoea though, just normal. (;-) sorry, TMI!!
Personally I think it's a really stupid idea, as Boxy says, our bodies are not designed to digest that kind of thing. I don't imagine it's doing you any good at all. Probably better just to ride this particular craving out.
Question Author
I'll have a porcelain baby lol. I know, the reason I put this on here is because at this minute I craving it so bad, but trying to fight it, so sat here distracting myself. Not really good distraction writing about it though.
Sounds like you have pica disorder, I had it with my daughter but I craved sponge and soap haha maybe get your iron checked as what you are craving is a sign of low iron you may be anemic, mention it to your midwife :)

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You Know The Old Gas Fires

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