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Im So Itchy

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phleb | 22:33 Tue 21st Jan 2014 | Pregnancy
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Why wont it stop. Midwife said if its more in palms of hands etc I need to ring in. but i'm not itchy on hands. I am itchy on bottom, legs, arms, tummy back everywhere but hands and feet. What shall I do to calm this down. I feel like I have fleas lol


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Visit your pharmacist!
Speak to your midwife or doctor again. There are some conditions in pregnancy that can cause itching. I assume there's nothing obvious you've changed- washing powder, soaps etc?. Keep your skin moisturised too.
I can't do links but google 'itching in pregnancy'
My SIL had this, it cleared up after baby was born.
The site I read says it can be more pronounced on palms and soles of feet but still significant if not.
Is there a rash?
Question Author
No rash, just madly itchy.
Are your bowel movements and urine normal ?

If it is really more than irritating and is unbearable report back to Midwife or Doctor to be sure.
Allergy ?
Over heated?
Question Author
yep all normal mam.
Good, try tepid bathing, loose clothing and calamine cream or lotion.
I believe it's caused by your hormones. Not to long ago experienced similar.
Hi Phleb... try an oatmeal bag in your bath. here's a link
cholostatic jaubdice, see midwife,
As above, check with your midwife. My daughter had this and it turned out to be something to do with her liver.

That is why I asked about the other symptoms, especially as the itching had already been reported. Phleb check here and ask your GP.
Mamya's excellent link says it all really -
Sometimes the itching is more pronounced on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.

If the itching is bad ring your GP

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Im So Itchy

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