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Pregnancy And Chickenpox

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Smowball | 08:16 Fri 22nd Apr 2016 | Pregnancy
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I'm due to collect my 4 yr old grand daughter today (3 hrs away) and drive her over to my daughter who is 6 months pregnant. I've just been told by granddaughters mother that child has had chickenpox in last two weeks and still has some scabbed spots. Should I keep her away from my daughter? (Who has had chickenpox btw)


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If your daughter has had chickenpox then she will be immune, also The disease is most contagious a day or two before the rash appears and until the rash is completely dry and scabbed over, about five to six days after onset of the rash.

So there does not appear to be an issue.
I agree with Islay.
Most folk of my age will have had chickenpox.
My sister was with me the day I had my baby and a couple of days later come out in chickenpox. The health visitor didn't seem at all concerned. It was the second time she'd had them.
it would be best to ask your daughter if she wants to take the risk rather than deciding on her behalf
Not sure about being immune. My daughter had chickenpox 3 times. I myself had measles when I was 5 years very bad. I still caught it again when I was 26.

I would ask your daughter how she feels about it.

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Pregnancy And Chickenpox

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