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Implantation Bleed or Period

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lsharp10uk | 14:01 Tue 30th Oct 2007 | Pregnancy
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I had stomach cramps for about half and hour a couple of weeks ago. My period was a day late and its very light. Took two tests day before period which were negative. Havent filled one pad in two days. Ive been as regular as clockwork for 10 years and know when my period is due down to the hour.

My bleeding seems to be heavier when I go to the loo but is not appearing in the pads.

Have funny taste in my mouth every now and then over the last couple of weeks and had an aching back.

Any ideas.


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what have the results of further pregnancy tests been?
Hang on in there, and do another test in a couple of day's time. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a week late with my period. Just as I was about to do a test, I noticed blood - which lasted about an hour, then stopped again. I was actually about 6 week's pregnant!
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Havent done any more tests. Was going to wait and see what people advised first and maybe do one at the end of the week!
Until then, avoid drugs or alcohol, just in case!
and asprin, pate, peanuts, soft cheese, runny eggs......the list is endless.

Id take a test friday, you can get tests for about �2 at savers chemists.
should we take it that because you took 2 tests the day before your period that you are actually trying to conceive?
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Not trying no, but it would not be a bad thing :-) we have talked about it for the near future.
so you have been using contraceptives then?

Are you under and stress recently? that can delay periods too.
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Missed a few pills this month due to lots of things going on at the moment but not stressed. Actually had a good couple of months recently, did you watch the Rugby!??!?!
rugby??? lol not a hope. I get little time to watch anything with a toddler running about

fingers crossed for you, a couple of missed pills may well hold the answer.

the funny taste in mouth was a big sign for me this time, and another lesser known one is mucky dreams lol

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Implantation Bleed or Period

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