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MY neice hates me!

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geterround | 23:11 Mon 25th Jul 2011 | Family & Relationships
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I have a 6 year old neice who i use to stay in my house, she has started saying mean and hurtful things to me, and says she hates me. My sister has spoke to her and told her it is disrespectful, she doesnt listen and she still continues.. Ive did nothing on her and all i do is treat her nicely, ive took her out on days out and even on holiday with me, but she still says horrible stuff to me, any idea what i can do to make her stop?


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Snap the heads off Her dolls she'll no not to mess with you then..
very helpful respone there ^^^^

Dont rise to the bait, geter.....can your sis/bro probe any reasons..... may be she doesnt like being away from her parents and takes it out on you
When she says "I hate you", don't display any annoyance. Just stay calm and say, disappointedly, "Well that's a pity, because I love you so much. I don't like the way that you're behaving but I really do love you so very much". It's worked for me!
So DT you can say that someone should be banned for not replying
But if a newby cracks a joke it wrong!!!!!!
90 percent of my replies are ignored anyway.
Shame :0( hopefully just a phase!!!! I like buenchicos idea xxx
Buenchico is spot on, plus maybe the parents need to ask the little girl why she says these things. At 6 she may be able to articulate and they can move on from there.
I wonder why, arwyn.....
Yes I agree completely ignore it when she says that to you. Or just say thats a shame you will not come on any days out with me again. If you dont like me. That is children these days Im afraid. x
why do you have her then - maybe she would rather be at home with her own mum. Is she rude to other people ? 6 years old is very young - there is an underlying reason for this or she is like it all the time. Children of 6 just copy what they see. Is someone mean and hurtful to her?

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MY neice hates me!

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