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Kassee | 11:36 Thu 18th Sep 2014 | Family & Relationships
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My adult son hasn't lived with me at my home for many years, but has never bothered to change his address on all his mail, everything is delivered to my home, and he comes and picks it up. The reason, he says, is because he moves often, in rented accommodation, and cant be bothered with redirecting mail continually, or chasing mail.

Recently I am becoming worried about debtors, as I know he has credit cards, and wonder what would happen if he got into debt. We have the same surname, but he has not lived here for many years. Any advice would be welcome.


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i would not allow anyone to use my address if they don`t live here..mail can be used as id for opening all manner of accounts
You just need to put that question to him.
A debt belongs to a person....not an address.

It will be better for his credit rating if he doesn't move often, so it makes sense for him to leave it at your address, and if he gets into debt it will not impact upon you at all- bailiffs can't come and cart your stuff off, and it won't affect your credit rating unless you have a joint account or some other financial link to him. My brothers do this at home for the same reason.
any debt is registered against the person not the address, as he's your son as long as he is collecting the mail regularly i can't see a problem. If you rent and move a lot its not easy to get credit & affects your credit score so it does in a a way make sense for him to do this.

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Yes, thats exactly what he says. But I am just worried about it. But thank you for your advice, I was worried about creditors, if that happened. But I can see that I dont really need to worry about it.
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What question Grasscarp ?
It isn't difficult or expensive to have post redirected, you fill in a form and the post office do it all for you for a fee.
I meant that you could ask him what would happen if he got into debt because you are worried about it reflecting on you.
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Oh, I see, I think is answer would be "I won't get into debt", which wouldn't really ease my mind !!
If he is in debt, it is his debt not yours. The fact you have the same surname and address won't make you liable for any debt.

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