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Do I Go Beajolious Day Next Thursday?

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abbeylee90 | 16:32 Fri 10th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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I do want to do something for beajolious day but this girl who asked me I don't want to go with her on my own she does my head and she's a loose cannon, normally she goes with her sister but don't why she isn't.



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Don't bother Abbey as it looks like you'd not enjoy yourself...and it would be a waste of money. 
16:40 Fri 10th Nov 2023

It was a bad joke Abbey 

Will you be working at local care home on Friday 17th, if so best not to get a hangover 

I used to organise and cater for those days in the late 90s didn't realise they were still a thing 

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Oh ok lol and no I'm off for 2 weeks 

Be a shame if you missed the chance for a good wine.

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I wouldn't just the person who wants me to go 

When do you start your new job?

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Not next Monday one after. I've emailed care home to change my days but not heard back.

The French don't have a 'beaujolais day'. It's just a gimmick to boost their sales of young plonk to foreigners who don't know much about wine.

Beaujolais is delicious young and fresh. It's delicious after several years. And selected Bo can be kept for years to mature.

Apart from all that, Abbey you should do what you feel is right. Ignore everyone else and go with your flow. Ignore me.

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Only for drinks and dressing up

barry, I was referring to an OFAH scene where Del orders a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau.....then says...a 79...! Can't find it on You tube.

The whole thing is basically how the French get shot of their really carp wine. Proper Beaujolais is drinkable, nouveau is usually dire.

Was it this one, TTT?

It's in that wine bar but the "79" bit is earlier than that, that is the famous bar fall scene.

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Will I look stupid as I go out with her as I been slagging her off or say other people are coming 

If you don't like her, why are you going with her?

If you have been 'slagging her off' as you say - then you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking about  going out with her.  Possibly a  big apology first, but I would not be going out with someone who had spoken of me like that.  Get some standards Abbeylee - have you been 'dragged up' instead of brought up by an obviously caring mother?

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No because she tells to stalk people profiles, asks us to take loads of photos and last time came out with me and my friend she sat in a bar with no drink and complained she'd had to many carbs

In that case - drop her completely and look for better people with whom to share your life.

Then don't go with her.

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Do I Go Beajolious Day Next Thursday?

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