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Do I Go Beajolious Day Next Thursday?

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abbeylee90 | 16:32 Fri 10th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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I do want to do something for beajolious day but this girl who asked me I don't want to go with her on my own she does my head and she's a loose cannon, normally she goes with her sister but don't why she isn't.



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Don't bother Abbey as it looks like you'd not enjoy yourself...and it would be a waste of money. 
16:40 Fri 10th Nov 2023

Abbey, you said the other day that your social life was fine - so why are you lining up outings with people you don't  particularly like  and/or feel uncomfortable with?   

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Rest of them don't go out for beajolious day apart from one who's in court so she can't go 

Such a dilemma in life.

What should I do???

Beaujolais Nouveau Day I would just get yourself a bottle and drink it at home!

Its so passé now anyway!

Abbey, she sounds a really lovely person to spend a few hours with - rather you than me!

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What excuse do I make? She wants to go tomorrow

Why tomorrow? Beaujolais Nouveau Day is today, so tomorrow's just another day.

You're too busy re-arranging uour wardrobe?

Just say you don't feel like it/can't be bothered/can't afford it.

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No that what I mean captain she said everywhere was booked so go tomorrow instead 

Tell her you can't afford to go out this week

I'll second that THECORBY.

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Might say I'm ill in morning she did it to me 

Oh Abbey - nip down to the nearest Off-Licence - buy a few bottles of Beaujolais - enjoy and all your worries will vanish!

just go

you only regret  the things you don't do

you are in the care home tomorrow morning ?

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No next Friday I'm still on leave

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She has also asked me to come over to her and split taxi fair coz she complained about taxi going up 

I thought the care home said come in tomorrow to discuss ?

-- answer removed --

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Do I Go Beajolious Day Next Thursday?

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