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Would This Be Weird?

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abbeylee90 | 20:53 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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This guy from my voluntary work asked me to go to the pub with him and his mate I don't if it weird sitting with 2 old men or be awkward. I know this may seem strange asking this. 



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2s company, 3s a crowd!

2s compny, 3s a fantasy come true.

What does your mum think of it?

Strange after you said this: 


//I appreciate he being kind giving me lifts and going for lunch but he does my head in grabbing me to do it all the time as I'm leaving where I know him from I got things I need to do myself feel like he obsessed with me//

I feel he may be a bit besotted with you. Didn't someone who had known him for 20 years say he was a pig . You have no idea who his mate is or what he is like in character. I would decline 


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Neva and floko yes that's it and he never asked so guess he got the message I don't go with 2 of them 

He makes you feel uncomfortable, he may think you two are forming a relationship.

It is cruel to keep giving him hope and it is foolish to keep seeing a man who you feel uncomfortable with 

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He's not looking for a relationship he's 60+ and I'm 31

How do you know he isn't looking for a relationship? He takes you out for lunch, and you go,sounds like he thinks he has one.

You know what they say Abbey ..  there's many a good tune played on an old fiddle.🤣

You could take him to your Beaujolais Day.

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I don't know why he to old 

He might not think he is, especially if you have been telling him how hard it is to find a boyfriend.

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I didn't tell him it hard to find a boyfriend 

There is 26 years between me and Husband. It started out as just us going out to do things we both enjoyed. It's fine 

I say, go out for a drink and whatever with the man/men, but don't expect the relationship to last or you'll be wiping his bum sooner than you might think. 

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I don't want to get into a relationship with him not even attractive 

Then don't go.

You are very naive if you think a 60 year is past wanting a relationship with a younger woman.

It's not as if you are a schoolgirl, you are not out of bounds for a man of any age.

Men don't stop finding younger women attractive and they don't stop hoping

My wife is 18 years younger than me and she was in her early 20s when we met

Whats wrong with a couple of friends who obviously love dogs and volunteer together  going for a drink.  Abbi is 30  not that young.  60 is  not old.  Age doesn't matter.  If you want to go then do so Abbi.  If you're uncomfortable with it then make a polite excuse.  It shouldnt matter what your Mother or anybody else thinks.  

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