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Would This Be Weird?

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abbeylee90 | 20:53 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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This guy from my voluntary work asked me to go to the pub with him and his mate I don't if it weird sitting with 2 old men or be awkward. I know this may seem strange asking this. 



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Abbey, do you really want to spend time, socially,  with a man who 'seems obsessed' with you? Why?

If the average UK lifespan is about 80 years (there seems multiple opinions on the range claimed) then:

Young is 0 to 27

Middle Age is 27 to 54

Old is 54 to 80

Over 80 has to be ancient then.

(Subcategories of the above are permissible.)

Stay away from both of them.  They are up to no good.  Old men do not befriend young women without an underlying reason.  

There is nothing wrong with friends of any age socialising and going for a drink - if both are comfortable with the friendship and one doesn't believe there is a relationship forming when it is never going to happen.

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And this week to see the apes me and him 

Stop monkeying about Abbey and do something positive for a change!

Does AB pay you to post this *** Abbey?

If so, I could post lots and reap an income.

Please explain,,

To see the apes? Is there a typo somewhere? 

There might be nothing dodgy in his advances, but as you're not comfortable with it just say 'No, thanks'. 


Hilary into Trinity


Let's wait for the 'what do I use for protection?' thread.....

A ménage-à-trois developing on this one - what amusement.



excuse the first two lines up there....! Remnants of an old cut and paste.

I guess it is this > Ape and Monkey Sanctuary

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