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Do I Meet Him?

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abbeylee90 | 12:31 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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This guy was om about meeting up with meet up with me tomorrow he wanted to go cinema I said as I haven't met him we don't know if it will work then today he showed a rude pic so not sure what he is in for 



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No.  If he's showing you rude pictures if you've got any sense you won't want to know what he's in for.  Steer well clear.

For goodness aske, do you really have to ask?

Run a mile.

He showed a rude picture and you're 'not sure what he is in for'? Run a mile!

More than a mile...ick!

Is this the same guy who contacted you previously re going to the cinema? I wouldn't bother with him...refuse.

I hope you made your disgust very clear, Abbey - nobody should be showing you rude pics.  My wife would have slapped him

Goodness you even have to ask that question?

How did he get in contact with you in the first place, was it on line?

^ you say that you 'haven't met him'

Question Author

Yes on dating app and no different guy

And what does your gut feeling tell you to do?

I assume Abbey has not met him in person.

Don't Abbey...just don't. You'd have all the AB mums and dads worrying about you.

Question Author

Don't meet him I guess ellie 

abbey - // Don't meet him I guess ellie //

If you have to 'guess', maybe you shouldn't be looking for attention on dating sites.

My daughter went out with a very strange guy and she soon got rid of him after a couple of dates. He then started stalking her for a while until he got another girlfriend. She dumped him and he ended up murdering her!

Don't entertain this weirdo!

There for the grace of God......

it is not in the slightest bit strange for young people to send/receive dikpiks, nor is it a stretch that people on dating sites are doing it to meet people to hook up with rather than date.  Especially with something like tinder

I am shocked that you have to ask !  Block him !

I'm glad, abbey, that your gut is telling you not to meet him, please act on that. I would stop all contact with him immediately or next he'll be asking you to reciprocate with nude pics. 

It may not be strange for some, bednobs. But I'd still tell any young woman to run a mile if she's not into that sort of thing. Makes my skin crawl tbh. 

pasta, i agree, but then again i am 50 and not dating.

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