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Would This Be Weird?

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abbeylee90 | 22:56 Fri 17th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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This guy from dogs home said his mate has asked him to go to some pub tomorrow and said I can if I want would it be weird if I went?



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Go if you want to go, don't go if you don't  want to go. Mind you, you have had quite a few things to say about the old guy, so I'm not sure why you even consider seeing him away from the dog home! 

Question Author

I don't know if weird feel I should be going our with someone own age like him in my own time

You've already asked our opinion of this man. If you feel it's just a friendly drink with colleagues, then go if you want to. It's not necessarily weird. If you feel uncomfortable about it say 'No thanks'.

Nobody your own age has come along and asked you out - and that's not the old guy's fault. If you want to spend time in his company, then go - but don't if it's just because you have nothing else going on. 

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Neva I told him today I think if that if I met someone probably wouldn't spend much time with him may even go down dogs home less 

abbey, if it would make you feel uncomfortable, then don't go

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I don't know his mate

Thanks, Abbey. I think it'd be silly to go when you obviously have doubts yourself - and you know that you'd definitely want to spend far less time with him if someone 'proper' came along anyway. I don't see any point in seeing the old guy away from the dog home.

Not weird at all if you trust 'the bloke from the dogs homes' opinion and he hasn't set you up with a mass murderering ding bat, or some crazy person. that'd be nuts! to go.

Mind that's what he might of said to him, about meeting you.

Hears an idea get a phone number and have a chat with the fella before you go meet him. 

Is he intending to set you up with his friend like a blind date?

Or are they both intending to drug your drink and do goodness knows what once they get you home?

You already turned down a night out with a 'friend' tonight that you actually know, but are still considering meeting these two in 'some pub'. If he /they see that you appear vulnerable or are unsure of yourself, he/they could be grooming you. I do not get a good feeling about the situation. Might be wrong of course but if you were my daughter I would be saying no to you meeting up with him/them.

Abbey, do you read our replies?

yes - without a doubt. so far you have not llearnt from any of your experiences. we gasp at some of your 'ideas'

Toss a coin.

Then see if you like the result.

But you'll probably ignore this  suggestion too.

I don't know why you are asking the same question as last week.

If your mother knew , she would be shocked.

The situation is now becoming worrying

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That what we don't tell our mums everything when we're adults and I don't want to worry her 

Last week ,having asked the same question, you decided " I don't go with 2 of them "




Hi and meet Santa in his secret stadium grotto!

1.  Do you enjoy his company?

2.  Do you consider him as a friend ?

3.   Do you trust him?

4.  Do you want to go?    


If Yes to all then go.  Nothing wrong with an age gap between friends.  Why discuss it with your mother? You are 30.   Just tell her your off out with friends.  Bye Mum!  





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