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Would It Be Weird If I Went Out With 6 Men?

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abbeylee90 | 19:33 Thu 07th Dec 2023 | Family & Relationships
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One of my male friends is going put tomorrow with 5 male friends and invited me don't know if it abit strange 



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Are they going somewhere you feel comfortable and enjoy?

Nothing odd about going out with friends if you feel safe and comfortable 

Do you know the other men, abbey? Where are they going?

Question Author

Yeah just a pub

Question Author

Only 2 and a pub

It wouldn't be weird but only go if you really want to

Is it the old man from dog walking?

I hope it;s not the male who sent you indecent pics on the dating site

18.39 What do you mean by "2" - you posted there would be 6 males.

One girl among six men......You don't know whether they are all trustworthy...would you feel safe ?

Sorry, on re-reading I think you mean you only know two of them!  

...and how old are the 5 their 60's ?

That would be odd, in my view.

Just been reading over your previous thread, Abbey, and hope you wouldn't be having the six of them stay over - what would Mamma say?  Would you ask her permission?

Abbey, is this male friend the old guy that you said 'seems obsessed with me'? Only a few weeks ago you were wondering about going out with the old guy and one of his pals - are you now quite happy to go out with him and five of his pals? 

Madness !

So are the six men Suggs, Chas Smash, and 4 blokes with saxaphones

Would you tell your Mum, what would she say?

I wouldn't. Ask your mum.

My wife has just remarked "not if she was our daughter !"

Question Author

No my mum wouldn't need to know 

Abbey, What woukd your father say, do you think ?

I would be uneasy

No wonder your mum worries about you! She's due an operation tomorrow, and you think its OK to go out with 6 men to the pub, (4 of which you dont know), yet think your mum doesn't need to know,  yet you can't tell her about your jobs; working hours or driving lessons?  Unbelievable!

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Would It Be Weird If I Went Out With 6 Men?

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