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Why Would He Posted A Selfie Of His Chest ?

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honeybun35 | 15:43 Sun 24th Dec 2023 | Family & Relationships
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I have been sleeping with an r&b singer. We had sex a couple times. He is in his 50's. Well when we had sex the last time he wanted his chest sucked but we finished fell asleep.

Days later he text you owe me massage I said ok and I will do more with your chest. Few days after which he normally don't do was post a photo of him in a robe with it open showing his chest.




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Could have been so much worse.

He wanted his chest sucked and you offered.

So hardly a big surprise.

Question Author

But he posted it on social media after I text him privately 

I don't know. These 50-something R&B singers and their chests, maybe it's what they do. If he was a bus conductor from Batley with eczema it might be even stranger.

How would we know  ....  ask him!

He might have misplaced his medallion man medallion and think you have taken it.

Could be a gentle reminder to return it if you have.

Question Author

Last answer dumb

Is it?  OK.

Did you mean the word"chest"or did you mean another word starting with the letter c?

Your telling us your intimate nonsense.....why? Keep it between you and somewhere else.

david small^^--- true

Things that used to be a personal and private matter in days gone by are now paraded on Social Media for all to see.  

Question Author

Why are you in an answer site then you both sound dumb. 

Dumb as I may be, I'm here to learn.

Well this is a surprise, not what I expect to read on AB.

I didn't realise that I was missing Forum.

Sorry, I have no idea why he posted a selfie of his chest and I've no idea why you think people who don't know him can answer this question

I'm dumb can I join in please 🙏 

..... you joined today with an inane post and are calling AB members dumb really? 

Is honeybun anyway related to Abbeylee i wonder?

did he have any treasure in this chest?

Very similar grammar 😏

US poster?

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Why Would He Posted A Selfie Of His Chest ?

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