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Why Didn't He Reply But Read Message Quick?

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honeybun35 | 03:21 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I sent a sexy video to my male friend. The msg was read as soon as I sent it . He didn't even reply. So I apologized for sending it to him. He then replied never apologize for that. Thoughts please. 



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I think that may have happened sending a sexy video in the first place ringlet

When you say you sent a sexy video..... care to elaborate!??

i can (half) understand sending a naughty video to a boyfriend/girlfriend, but to friends is completely mind boggling to me.  i' not a prude, but just thinking about sending anything sexy to my friends gives me the heebie jeebies

I'm wondering if he is a boyfriend of sorts. "My male friend" comes across differently than "A male friend" would. 

I could be wrong...🤔

then i completely misunderstood, i thought we were talking of friends, not boyfriends.  If he is your boyfriend, then just talk to him!

Have you looked at the OP's history bednobs?

crumbs, i just looked back ... i thought this was a teenager!

Other people seem mature in comparison. 

Looks like the op having a good ol'laugh at yr reactions! 

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Why Didn't He Reply But Read Message Quick?

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