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Was He Referring To Me?

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honeybun35 | 04:20 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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My friend made a live video. He wanted everyone to check out his new music. During his live the location where I was at had bad wifi. I was in and out at the very end. During the end he said something about leaving comments and for those who came in and out in and out. 



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if you dont know,(and you know the people involved and were actually there) how do you expect random strangers to know?

The only person who knows what they meant is him, so ask him

Yes he was

How on earth are we supposed to know?

Do you have a question?

Sorry, just noticed the question in the subject line.

Yes, I think he was referring to you.

Most likely.  If you feel you want to leave something to say why in the feedback.

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What are reasons people like every post and photo of you on social media. Will people get noticed on someone who is popular page? 

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Was He Referring To Me?

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