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Am I Worrying To Much?

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abbeylee90 | 22:41 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I was on the bus stop today after work and I not sure if my friend seen me and I had to rush back to get something before I got on the bus. My friend hasn't said anything but I'm worried if she did see me will think I'm rude 



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I'm sure she won't think anything of it even if she did see you.

Stop worrying about trivial things, Abbey. x

Question Author

Because I told her I was in work when I had an appointment after 

Don't worry, it's not her business as to what you do or where you go.

Question Author

Thought she say something she did speak to me few years ago when I was stood at bus stop

a few years ago ????? 

Yes, you are allowing yourself to worry too much about non-important things.

T I G R.

Why don't you ask your friend? All you need to say is something like, 'Did you see me at the High Street bus stop on Tuesday? I though I saw you but I didn't have time to speak as I had to rush off to buy/get...'  Would you find that too difficult?

yes, she would.

I'm sure Abbey doesn't like feeling that she might have been rude, so maybe would make the effort.  Would you, Abbey? 

Abby please try to make yourself more understood, you are tending to garble and not make any sense.  And stop worrying about everything. 

abbey, there is phrase "dont sweat the small stuff" . stop worrying and stop posting about inconsequential trivia

Abbey isn't the only person who is difficult to understand - The Winner 22.00 - what does T I G R mean please ?

There's no such thing as a stupid question

-- answer removed --

Thank you .

As pointed out before questions like this are just as important to Abbey as one about employment, relationships or what to wear.  It is this inability to understand/express feelings and acknowledge the difference between the levels of problems that make it hard for her to communicate, both with other people and on here.  You are best to give your opinion if you have one then leave it at that, rather than ask a raft of other questions or make suggestions that Abbey will most likely ignore or move on from.  

Yes Abbey clearly has issues which are sometimes referred to as learning difficulties  or difficulties procesding information, but are probably wider than that. We try to help but I think Abbey really needs someone close to her to help her through life.. a starting point should be her parents IMO and a visit to the doctor to discuss dyspraxia and the other issue she has mentioned (epilepsy?).

I should have added ASD too

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