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Do I Go On This Date Saturday?

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abbeylee90 | 21:37 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I've been asked to go on a date Saturday but not sure this guy looks abit scrawny and really also asked do I want to go pub or clubbing but said last week he driving so don't understand 



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I take it you go for the beefy type, Abbey 😄  Maybe he doesn't drink?  Does he live locally?

Question Author

Think he does and no

Get him to clarify when you are next in touch with him.

Maybe he wants to give you a lift. As you missed your driving lesson you could ask him to give you one in his car. Do you think he'll need a few alcoholic drinks before he gets to like you? There's no reason why you can't have a drink if you want one

Can you afford to go out? 

Abbey, don't be shocked - but some people manage to 'go pub or clubbing' and not drink (alcohol)! Yes, it's perfectly normal in some circles, those where people don't think 'a good night out' involves drinking yourself silly. 

PS Maybe he's not as 'scrawny' as he looks, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge by appearances.

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He be leaving his car at train station so won't be giving me a lift. I'm still upset about it and worried my instructor won't have one with me again.

Firstly, it's what people are like that matters, Abbey, not what they look like.

As Barry asked: Can you afford to go out?  

I'll add: Have you spoken to your mum yet and sorted out how to pay off your debt to her?

He sounds Jamaican.

Question Author

He's not Jamaican and just about

Question Author

He's not

Abbey, there's no point in you fretting about mucking up your driving lesson appointment - what's done is done. With every penny mattering now (seeing as you have so much debt and so little income), are you sure you can afford driving lessons? 

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Maybe not atm but when I can I'd like to start again

I'm baffled as to why Douglas thinks he is Jamaican and what difference would that make?

Question Author

What difference does what make?

If he were Jamaican

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Oh yes

Abbey, did you say whether you wanted to go (to the) pub or clubbing, or are you still deciding if the guy is too scrawny anyway?

Abbey, my wife is nothing like my former girlfriends, she was not 'my type' when I met her.  If I had seen a photo of her I wouldn't have followed up with a date. Shows how wrong I was.



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I said pub

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Do I Go On This Date Saturday?

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