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Which Do I Do?

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abbeylee90 | 07:22 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Family & Relationships
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When I go out with my friends do I do something  with all my friends together or separately?



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Surely it depends on whether all your friends are going out together or not?

It would be cheaper to go out once a week with all of them than several nights a week with each of them separately.

Don't you spend time visiting them at home, or have them over to yours?

😏 only Abbey knows.

We will never

Anything helpful to suggest, ozzy?  This isn't chatterbank

As a practicality can they all get together at any one time very often. Maybe a fixed date each month when most can attend

What do you prefer?

Why do you have to choose, why does it have to be one or the other? 



You could shuffle them. That's both together and separately in a sense.

Whichever is the cheapest option, Abbey, as money seems to be a problem for you just now.  Do you have a lot of friends?

There are no set rules do what you feel like doing and whether you have enough money. 

Maybe ask your friends?  Although it's fun to go around in a group not all friends get along with each other so maybe mix and match. Considering your present financial situation I would suggest you put your social life on hold until paid your debts.

How many friends?

If 3 then whatever you prefer.

If 10 then it's far cheaper for someone who'se broke to either stay at home or go out once with all 10 rather than have 10 separate nights out .

Have you asked your mum for advice or your friends? If they are real friends can they not offer advice on akk the things you ask here like what to wear, what to eat, whether to go on a date, what work would suit you, etc

^Who’s  and ask

Question Author

I don't think my driving instructor wants to teach me anymore after last week 

Abbey, are you going to tell us that on every one of your threads? Yes, you were disappointed that you mucked up the time/date of the lesson, but you can't change that now. If you are so worried that your instructor is going to drop you, why not  just try to arrange another lesson and see what happens?

Abbey/  You're going off-thread again!   NMA asked you about the number of friends you have when considering a night out?

I find it cheaper to have a meeting of friends say once every month at each home when everyone takes a food/drink contribution.  Of course, a night on the town is nice once in a while.

Question Author

Neveracrossword he normally messages me my lesson. 

Hazinly I don't know what thread I put it on

Thanks for the update, Abbey - even though you're roaming round your threads again! Re your driving lesson... you either wait to see if your instructor texts you, or you text him and ask if there's to be a lesson this week.

Question Author

Is it normal for an instructor to kick a pupil of diary after missing one lesson

Okay, but you're taking this thread off course  by bringing it up again here

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