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Do You Think I Am Being Jealous Or Protecting My Friend?

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abbeylee90 | 14:19 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Family & Relationships
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So this girl I mentioned on here was a loose cannon and don't keep friends. Ever since new years eve when we all went she said they clicked but what I didn't realise is that the one who was a loose cannon booked had booked a table for just me and my friend at first and she stays over my really good friends everytime we all go out. I'm worried she getting to friendly with her and until Friday they hadn't seen each other since NYE. I'm abit worried about my good friend getting to friendly with her and hurting her considering I've showed her messages I've shown from her and she even said when we out last year she can't understand how tight she was



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Sorry abbey, I am unable to follow the text of your OP - if you could perhaps explain in simpler terms - ?


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I've mentioned on here before who a loose cannon and use to ask me to get ready at hers one of and one my friends I'm worried she trusting her to much 

Abbey, I think you're being a little jealous and I'm not sure if your friend, obviously a grown woman, 'needs' protecting.  

PS Parts of your question don't make sense - the 'shes' and 'hers' are confusing. 

For goodness sake  stop getting involved in other people's situations. Leave them to sort things out between themselves.

Odd phrase for one who struggles so much with the basics.

Anyway, jealous.

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I'm on about one of my best friends and one I mentioned on here ages who you told me not to let her bully me into going over hers 

No some on here took what you said as her bullying you others took it as a friendly gesture.

Your friend is an adult what makes you think you can protect her when you can barely look after yourself?

Mind your own business and sort your own life out.

Question Author

Not protect but trying to help her

Abbey, how YOU treat the girl (the 'bully') is up to you ... and how your friend deals with her is... yes, up to her! Would you welcome interference from others? 


Question Author

I'm not saying anymore to her but my friend always with someone when sees her anyway 

I think you are jealous because she is being friendly with this other girl.


If she is a loose cannon the other girl with find out soon enough.  See how she deals with the loose cannon expecting her to run around after her.


Don't waste your time trying to sort it out - you won't be thanked for it.  

Your answers are making no sense, and I can't be bothered to try and decipher them.

take this advice though, concentrate on yourself and getting your life sorted. If you have to talk to a bunch of strangers, doesn't that tell you something?

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Lanklea no I'm not going to say anything unless anything did happen.

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Redhelen I said when they meet up my friend always with someone like her boyfriend or in a group.

This all seems like girly behaviour in primary schools.  

That's good, so you don't need to spend time worrying about it.



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I'm not saying no more now unless anything did go wrong.

I thought if have alot more going for me when I was younger.

Abbey, do you enjoy giving yourself things to worry about? The other day you said you couldn't get your mistake - about your driving lesson - out of your mind, now you're getting yourself caught up in a largely manufactured 'problem' about two friends.

You don't need to say anything even if it does go wrong, you just mind your own business.


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Do You Think I Am Being Jealous Or Protecting My Friend?

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