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Why Do Majority Of Adults Just Assume That Children Of Any Age Cannot Play With Them?

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CoffieBREAK | 06:07 Tue 09th Apr 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Adults play with little kids such as toddlers, preschoolers, and lower level elementary school aged children, why don’t they actually play? Why do they always just let the kid win? I am referring to outside backyard games for example,

**** if two parents or you and a friend were to play a game they would actually play, but then as soon as a kid is playing with them they deliberately let them win with seemingly no effort, the child could be in kindergarten, they could be a preschooler, or they could even be a first grader or second or third grader and they get the same treatment.  . For that child who was playing, where was the challenge? ****

Isn't it bad for  self-esteem when you lie to a child about how good they are. Like lying to them that they are so strong and they overpowered you, or lying to them that they ran so fast you couldn't keep up, etc. if you actually played with them wouldn't they like that better? You aren’t giving the child an opportunity to play with you, instead you just are assuming that they cannot play with you and so are giving them the win. it doesn’t matter if they are a toddler, in preschool, a kindergarten, or even a second or third grader. It is all the same.

What is challenging or fun in wrestling if  the opponent in wrestling is just going to let them win and not even try, or just pretend during the whole thing?

What is fun or the challenge in basketball if they are playing on their kiddie hoop and they’re opponent just let them score, lets them win and doesn’t give any challenge? But at the same time just runs around and pretends to take the ball and stuff like that’s?

What is the challenge when playing monkey in the middle with your parents if they know that they are just going to get the ball, what is fun in monkey in the middle if the thrower just going to deliberately drops/fumble the ball, or that when that person is the  monkey that they were just going to pretend to try and get the ball but then act like they weren’t able to? 

In a rock climbing race on the playground if they know that the parents is going to let them win? What is fun in rockclimbing if the opponent doesn’t even try to climb or pretends and climbs incredibly slow? 

What exactly would happen if the adults were to actually play an example that I gave instead of just pretending and quite literally just giving the kid the win even though the kid is putting no effort into it? What would happen if the parents actually played monkey in the middle, actually played in the Rockwall race, etc.

How do you play with your child? What games? Do you let them win? Why do you do this? Why don’t you actually play and make them earn it? 



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CoffieBREAK, your OP and much of the stuff you have written is so full of sweeping statements and generalisations, it hardly seems worth 'debating' it with you.  '... So how come when any child is in the mix... they just let them win?', from the  your latest reply, perhaps resonates with your OWN experiences, but I think it's unlikely to reflect those of the rest of us.

Hopefully one day you may realise, in the meantime feel free to destroy a child's ego and make them feel worthless😒

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to be fair that's why I'm asking. The main part I'm confused about is that with a friend playing the activities I listed, there's no question about it you would not fake and pretend and then give your friend the win. But with a child, the adultsgive them the win and pretend and fake all of these activities 

I came here why this is? Everyone just assumes that the child would lose every time or something. It's very confusing for me why everyone keeps thinking that way when I'm not talking about winning or losing here or to Playing to win

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Why Do Majority Of Adults Just Assume That Children Of Any Age Cannot Play With Them?

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