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Would You Hold It Against Your Friend If They Were Sick Infront Of People In The Pub?

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abbeylee90 | 13:10 Mon 20th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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One of my friends was sick other day all over the carpet obviously we put her in a taxi but we were all asked to leave after she left there was loads of us and table was booked. I don't know if we be able to book a table there again. I think my friend may have mixed her cocktails. What would you do if that was your friend? 



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hold her hair, and give sympathy.  There but for the grace of god ...

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Was all over the carpet and were asked to leave. Man was cleaning the carpet on his hand and knees.

Buy her a mop and bucket. I would not hold it against her. You never know. Her drink may of been spiked??

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I doubt thinking it was mixing her drinks.

What can you do except look after her at the time and be reassuring afterwards, she'll be horribly embarrassed 

Take a bowl & a towel next time you go for drinks with her...

On a previous thread, you said you would never mix cocktails again so ???

Abbey, no need to tell us the same info (friend was sick, we were asked to leave) again!

I wouldn't hold it against my friend, but I'd remind her next time that mixing cocktails might be unwise.

PS If I was the restaurant owner, manager, and it was a popular place anyway, I'd probably not let you book again! Even if you booked under a different name, the staff might ricognise you.

Why hold it against her. These things happen, and cannot always be controlled as to where. Poor girl is probably terribly embarrassed...just be kind to her.

Don't mix barley and the grape, is good advice.

Did nobody go home with her in the taxi?  She'd have been very vulnerable on her own.

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No how I felt next when mixing cocktails and never been sick when out with me. Don't know why we were chucked out after she gone. Like drinking cocktails and prosecco at same time.

You like drinking cocktails and prosecco at the same time?

The staff probably thought you were all drinking too much and didn't want to risk another episode 

It might be a good idea when you next go out together for one of the group to carry a very large empty handbag.

Better spewing in that than all over the floor.

Hold it against them ? I wouldn't even dream of picking it up !

Do you mean hold it against her like rubbing a dog's nose in it?

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Being off with them I mean  

I wouldn't be off with them, I've disgraced myself more than once

If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

TTT, I suspect Abbey is too young to get the reference and thinks you're just being a creep

No I wouldn't hold it against a friend who did that, in fact she might be cross her friends didn't take more care of her. It would have been obvious she was too far gone long  before she threw up. As for all being asked to leave I'm not surprised, have you ever had to clear up someone else's vomit?

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Would You Hold It Against Your Friend If They Were Sick Infront Of People In The Pub?

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