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do parents know there children

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puddicat | 22:33 Mon 12th May 2008 | Family & Relationships
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Had to go to the shop this evening and passed a group of young uns, say 12 13 and there was girl about 9 standing on what looked like dirt and she turned to me and said "hey i am standing on SxxxE, i said behave and i got a load of abuse, for some reason i wanted to turn around and wring that girls neck, they have no respect for themselves or others and show no fear, so parents of today you are going to be the pensioners of tomorrow so good luck as i will be dead as a dodo and ressurected sometime never,at least i got out without any pain, you reap what you sew so be it!!!


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a lot of kids have no respect these days, though I think it stems from further back, as in a lot of these kids parents have probably never done anything to promote respect and what would be considered "decent behavior" in their offspring. I was never whiter than white as a kid but at least I knew if I got caught I'd be punished, and rightly so.
lot of parents don"t teach their kids right from wrong!!!
my eldest can back chat me but.... to anouther adult... never!!

to many are running wild with no discipline in the household.
you read in the paper about pensioners getting abused and beaten up with these scallys and its so sad!!! imagine if you were scared how they feel??
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hussy you seem a good parent with good morals but do you see outwith your house what youre child gets up to, most parents think that they know there child but sorry they dont when they are with the peers they become a different species
There is no discipline anywhere anymore. I get on the bus every morning and have to sit with school children who talk loudly, play their mp3 players loudly, don't give up their sits for the elderly or pregnant, throw rubbish on the floor etc, and are just generally disrespectful.

Earlier I was walking home from work a young guy on a bike threw an empty ribena carton into the road! I have also witnessed many people, mainly young boys and girls spitting on the pavement.

I wish I had the money to go and live somewhere else like New Zealand. Hopefully the diseased brain effect hasn't affected the whole planet!
Tigerblue- what makes you think that in new zealand kids dont have mp3 players and throw on the floor??
There are more problems in the world than kids talking loudly and just generally being kids!!
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tigger i have no illusions when it comes to my own children and yes my youngest has been in and out of trouble but he has total respect for his elders had feed back from people saying a polite and friendly lad he is,and he gets on well with my mother his gran better than me cos she drives me nuts!
puddicat i am very street wise believe me and i do know what the oldest is like. at one stage she could have got led astray before i put my ore in and put a stop to her running about with some little tear away... as i said she would never be rude to any adult and i could put my life on it. in saying that i am not naive enough to know that in the future she could go the other way but thats where i come into it and would knock the attitude right out of her if i had any inkling of it!!! pity not everybody knows there child as much as i do.
I don't have any children so maybe I'm not the best person to comment Puddicat.

I'll leave the thread now. x
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well done hussy you sound a great parent, but just got to thinking what numpty parent goes on this site none i summise most parents on here are savvy and forward thinking, possibly they cannot read and write and dont know to acess this site i hope!!, jeremy vile you have alot to answer for
tigger come back.......... you never know when it will benefit lol xx
I'm back, I'm back......Lol
you know pudd when i see the idiots that go on the vile show it really astonishes me how people lead there life and how messed up they are all because of their brain dead parents!!! it makes you realize how lucky you are to have a bit more sensible upbringing. now mine wasn"t ideal as i had an alcoholic father but at least he had his own business and lots of morals and sense even if it did alter when he had a few. thankfully even though i was wild when i was a teenager i never disrespected my elders.. never! and that goes for my offspring's.
Bring back the days of slapping the little so and so's. Bring back corporal punishment in schools. Bring back the days when coppers could give kids a clip around the ear for being cheeky, with no reprecussions. Bring back the days when children only got treats as a reward for good behaviour or for doing well at school etc, not because they demand it or their friends have one so they want one too.

We need to go back to basics. Kids these days have far too many rights and know it too. It's ridiculous that we live in the nanny state we do. I can only see things going from bad to worse until we take an active stand agains all the rubbish children are doing these days.

Anyway, that's my opinion.
Respect and manners've been instilled into my two children since they were old enough to understand words. I can't guarantee that they''ll grow up without getting into scrapes, but to be honest, it's a pretty fair bet. We always know where they are, and who they're with, and if they go out to friends houses, they're taken and fetched back. The parents of these other children are just as caring. I admit that we've vetted some of their friends, by having them to our house and watching how they communicate. When my children hit their teens, I'm sure there'll be a war of words, as they struggle to gain their own identities, but they'll always remember what we've drung into them. We don't deny them their freedom, but just make sure that they're in a safe and happy environment. Only time'll tell.
Last week, my 7 year old was helping me wash the car - while I went round the back to fill up the bucket with water, he ran round the side to my neighbours house and "tied up" (he can't do knots) my neighbours 5 year old son with a skipping rope, because he thought it was funny - the little boy was upset, but not harmed physically. Guaranteed that after apologies to all involved, being sent to his bed at 6.30 with no supper - not being allowed to play at his friends house or have friends round for a week and losing his ps2 for a week, and a stiff talk, he no longer thinks it is funny.

It is failure by parents to nip behaviour in the bud when children are young that is the cause of a lot of antisocial behaviour.

I get fed up seeing parents casually ignore when their children drop litter, give cheek and muck about on other people property. It is all about having respect for other people and themselves.

p.s. my son has been an angel since - he even helped with the laundry yesterday and voluntarily apologised again to the little boy and asked if he wanted to come and play basketball with him - he even let him win!
I'm sure we have all done things that our parents would be shocked at and for that reason I would say that for a good part of my teens, my parents didn't know me at all!

But it was my right of passage to go through the phases that I did and now I think I'm a well rounded person!

I'm hoping ohter youths are going through the same thing and they too will turn out ok in the end!

We live in hope ;0)))))

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lol @ NOKNOW
Whwn I went to Thorpe Park at weekend some little sh!ts were throwing gravel at the roller coasters. Hit me in the face.

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do parents know there children

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