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tasteless bread

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Connemmara | 13:59 Thu 20th Sep 2012 | Food & Drink
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Bought a loaf last night - bread (white was tasteless) threw it out. buttered a taty farl - Paul Rankin (tastless) oh I mean the taty farl.

I am finding all bread absolutely tasteless - where oh where can I buy beautiful bread - wwould you be better baking your own in a bread machine or what.


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Ahhh, but not on the inside.
ha ha what was it supposed to be?
This thread has prompted me to use my bread maker for the very first time, fingers crossed.
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traci 66 - let us know how you get on - Conne Thanks for all your other replies. Great guns guys
@ Pastafreak. There is no butter or oil in your recipe - is that correct? I usually add two tablespoons of a good oil, but wonder what it is like without any ?

I've used that recipe so long...I never gave any thought ot it not having fat-tho I know I've made othe rbreads with a bit of butter or oil.
I did a bit of investigating and apparently fat makes a more 'tender' loaf....but French bread typically does not contain fat. I guess it depends on the sort of final loaf you want.

That is the irony of French bread. It does not contain fat, but goes stale and hard in a matter of hours as a result. That is why French people buy bread two or three times a day, and why there are so many boulangeries about.
2 kg strong flour (I use 3 parts wholemeal to 1 white)
1.2 litres of tepid water
5 table spoons of rape seed oil or equivalent
2 teaspoons dried yeast (Allisons tin
3 teaspoons sugar.

Mix water with sugar in a bowl and add yeast. Let it ferment till head forms.
Mix flour with a 1/2 teaspoon salt and rub in oil in a large mixing bowl.
Add the liquid, stir well in with wooden spoon.
place on floor and knead well. Keep your knees on a soft cushion and rock back and forth.

Let it rise and knock it back to size, make 4 greased loaf tins full and bake for 37 mins.

Freeze 3 and use one. Thaw out and use rest when you need them.
Oven setting 210 centigrade.

You neighbours will scrounge your loaves after sampling.
The bread recipe I provided made bread that always stayed fresh for several days....and no fat.
Mike I disagree. Morrison's Wheat Rye and Spelt loaf is amazing. There is never enough at our local store.
Oh - garlic bread is lovely. Try adding fresh chopped herbs from the garden - handfuls of parsley, thyme , chives or bits of rosemary !
Any bread with the word "malted" on the wrapper is very very tasty. I don't buy anything else.

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tasteless bread

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