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Minted Lamb

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spathiphyllum | 11:30 Thu 04th Apr 2019 | Food & Drink
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i want some minted lamb chops but the butchers only have shanks

Does anyone have any advice on what i should do? Nicebloke maybe? ;)


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A lamb shank is an acceptable substitute, short term.
Buy mint and marinate yourself.
I'd serve the mint sauce on the side. I'm not a fan of marinated meat.
I don't mean ,'marinate yourself'.Marinate chops.
Lol...I missed that :-)
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love marinated meats
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mexican, yes i agree that is the simple thing to do, but i'll have no time later to marinate some meats for a suitable period to flavour the meats so buying pre marinated is essential for me
I'd eat it, don't get me wrong.

Why don't you go to the supermarket?
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my local butchers is very highly rated and i can't tell you how good they are on price and quality
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for a shank, oven at 180 for how long? I'v never cooked a shank.. I wanted to grill the cops but the shank is blowing my mind it looks mahoosive

A quick google doens't help me either maybe i'll ask edmond.
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he says the shanks will be much more effort than chops almost to the point it's not worth a shank.
IMO...shanks are over rated. But if you don't mind chomping on a bone.
Shanks need slow cooking.
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thats what i'm talkin abotu ummm aint no body got time for that apre work also i'd need to brown it off for 10 min
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to me that's just more washing up.
Buy mint and marinate yourself

drastic. Spath would probably taste better with horseradish sauce.
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I agree nice n spicy
You should invest in an hob to oven pan.

I agree with jno, I'd either make or buy a suitable sauce. Lamb goes nice with fruity sauces.

That's what I had for xmas dinner. Lamb with a spicy cherry sauce served in it's own pot on the side. That way you control how much sauce you apply.
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Kind of want poutine now

Ummm i have a Cast Iron Round Casserole style dish would that be bale to go on da hob I think not but will it?
Cast iron, yes, never forget your kitchen gloves though!!! Always season it.

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Minted Lamb

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