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Do You Have A Favorite Meal To Cook For Poor People?

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royalctg | 07:10 Sun 05th Feb 2023 | Food & Drink
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Do you have a favorite meal to cook for poor people?


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Poor person food is considered the savior for millions of people living in south and south-east Asia who are facing starvation due to the destruction of their crops like wheat, rice, corn, etc due to climatic change. There is no doubt that it is a miracle food for the poor in south and southeast Asia. One of the most popular and famous foods to cook for poor people is Jackfruit. You can cook it effortlessly.
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Caviar sprinkled with truffles, served on a golden plate.
Venison with truffles and unfertilised plover eggs
Probably the same dinner I cook for ourselves.
But on a larger scale.
Tesco meal deal
Certainly not jackfruit
I'm looking forward to TTT's suggestion.
The only two things I know about jackfruit are that Romesh Ranganathan can tell it apart from cake and vegans can eat it.

My only assumption is that it will taste rank.
Doesn't jackfruit smell like a sweaty builders gussett?
How would you know the smell of either, piggynose?
10c, i know from experience, worked with some smelly sweaty builders in my time, and spent 2 months in Indonesia, where jackfruit appears to be a local delicacy!
10c, but relax i´ve never had my nose up close to builders gussetts, it was a figure of speech! : )
I'm waiting for a jackfruit advert...surely there is one.
Jackfruit is delish .

Any fruit which is overripe is going to smell more intense
Why cook JF anyway ?

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Do You Have A Favorite Meal To Cook For Poor People?

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