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National Biscuit Day May29Th

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Hazlinny | 10:54 Mon 29th May 2023 | Food & Drink
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What's your favourite biscuit - what do you go ginger nuts about?

Mine is Tunnocks caramel wafer.


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Caramel wafers are nice, but I think considering them as buscuits rather than a choc/snack bar pushes the definition a bit.

I have loads of "favourites", but a Lotus Biscoff comes high on the list.
Question Author
OG - Tunnocks describe them as a "biscuit" and that's good enough for me. Coffee awaits.x
Lotus Biscoff are my favourite, OG. I use them for my cheesecake - made one a few days ago.
Dark chocolate digestive or shortbread, difficult to choose between them.
Ginger nuts are a go to for me, however I am partial to a choc chip cookie and Jaffa (cakes)
Question Author
Away from chocolatey, discovered recently a biscuit LU Le petit beurre
- crisp and not too sweet. A new addiction?
OG, wafers are biscuits.

The Weights and Measures (Miscellaneous Foods) Order 1988

2.  In this Order, unless the context otherwise requires—


“biscuits” includes wafers, rusks, crispbreads, extruded flatbread, oatcakes and matzos;'
I love open pack is a gone pack. But I don't eat them due to wheat...but when I did it was either ginger nuts or dark chocolate Hob Nobs.
...and custard creams, jaffa cakes, good quality shortbread.
Wafers may be called biscuits but one has to wonder it they are even baked once, never mind twice. They aren't really, are they; they're just pretending.
OG, they are baked

"The batter for the wafer layers is baked in large flats, then cut into large rectangles a bit bigger than the size of a standard piece of paper."
Question Author
Now, now guys - no niggling on my biscuit thread or I'll have to dunk you! xx
Am I the only person in the world who hates ginger nuts and shortbread?
I'll take that as a yes then.
Fig rolls have always been my favourites. I stopped buying them years ago because I'd scoff the lot as soon as I opened them
Can't beat a Rich Tea biscuit, clorted in magarine and dunked in tea!
Margarine?? Nooooo!
lol...I honestly hadn't seen this thread when I posted my last reply on the thread in Ed's blog

just Three New Posts In Three Days

Currently chocolate hob/nobs

Custard creams or Bourbons for me

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National Biscuit Day May29Th

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