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National Cheese Day 4Th June

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Vagus | 14:03 Mon 29th May 2023 | Food & Drink
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Following in from Haz’s biscuit thread, and because the above will shortly be upon us, what’s your favourite cheese?
Roquefort is definitely my favourite but I also really, really like a strong, crunchy cheddar, a nice squeaky Edam, and halloumi.


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Gruyere, Comté, Ossau Iraty, Goats Cheese and Aldi's Gorgonazola Piccante.
Roquefort as I mentioned in the biscuit post. St Augur, Mexican chilli cheese, Anne and Andy Wigmore's cheese, Port Salut and strong Goats cheese ( not Somerset must be Chevre Francais)
yuk, yuk, yuk!!!
Sharon, you don't know what you're missing!!
Taleggio is quite nice too with quince jelly.
Believe you me, I do.
I like variety, but if restricted to one, a good strong mature Cheddar.
Montagnolo Affine, Cambozola, St Agur, Taleggio (on a mushroom risotto, then baked), soft goats cheese for stuffing peppers, Cornish crunches...though Sainsbury's own extra mature is very good.
Goats cheese, feta and Lord London. I just buy low fat cheddar for cooking.
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Not overly keen on goats cheese, the taste isn’t too bad but the smell and texture put me off. All the other ones mentioned, some of which I hadn’t thought of, are nice.
I can recommend the Lancashire Cheese Bomb, our family love it and it’s a favourite for Christmas.
Simple tastes - Cheddar and Edam.
I'm with Hazi on that one keeping it simple, I have tried that blue stuff (meant to be) but not for me thank you.
I'm the exact opposite, Arky, the stinkier the better :-)
You'd love me I'm so cheesy. but smell nice :-/

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National Cheese Day 4Th June

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