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Figs With Pale Flesh

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pastafreak | 12:48 Sun 27th Aug 2023 | Food & Drink
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I recently bought some figs that were a different variety to ones I've gotten previously. They felt a bit hard do I left them out for several days before trying one.
Though a deep purple skin, the interior was extremely pale...bordering on pinky white. Not only was tasteless. All were the even developed a bit of mould while out.
Were they a bad batch? So disappointed as I love figs, but they are pricey.


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I love dried figs but had never had a fresh one until I came across some on a market in France. I treated myself to one and was very disappointed how tasteless it was compared with the dried ones I usually have. I've never bought one since then.
Like the song says

Figs Can Only Get Better.
Question Author
bhg...proper ripe figs are gorgeous. Like you, I'd always eaten dried figs, but I discovered fresh about 6 years ago and was hooked.
got me going - I have a porchetta joint here that looks really good prior to preparing for the oven and some roasted figs with it would be delish - using some maple syrup, balsamic and rosemary. Don't think the local Coop sells them....
Hi Pasta. Please visit Lik in TV.
found some and they're now ready to go in the oven to nurdle away, I've added a couple of vanilla extract sprinkles to the syrup/rosemary /balsamic mix, the porchetta to go in first
pasta - I'll take your word for that and try again with a fresh fig next time I see one.
Question Author
Countrylover @15:47...gotcha!
DT, was your dinner as divine as it sounds?
very tasty!
cold porchetta with figs in a watercress, spinach, baby leaves, spring onion, grapes amd chives salad is to be recommended.

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Figs With Pale Flesh

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