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What Are Your Food Matches Made In Heaven?

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naomi24 | 13:24 Tue 14th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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Dark chocolate and cherry for me.





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Cup of Coffee with a slug of Baileys in it.

Whisky with a smidgen of water.

Oops, forgot my fav meal;


Spiders on toast with the juice of a freshly squeezed cockroach


Ooops sorry, that's not food.  I'll have another think.

Apple and Cheese.

Caviar and blinis 

This might seem an odd combination but pickled beetroot and a strong cheddar cheese with wholemeal bread makes a great sandwich.

Ken you are not far of the mark if you are "looking ahead". Gates is buying up whole tranches of land and water rights with a view to easing glowbull food shortages. Him and his gourmet chum Warren Buffet(no kidding)have maggot shakes, fermented fungi and lab grown meat already planned for the future menus of the proles. The fillet steak, Lobster, Caviar, and fresh vegetables will be reserved for them and their chosen acolytes. 

I rather like a bit of smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. 

Right on ladybirder!!! ✋🏾

Togo, i went through a phase, just after being diagnosed with Type 2, of having kippers and poached egg on toast every Sunday for my bteakfast. Haven't had them for ages so next time i'm anywhere near a fish stall................................

Chips with salad cream!

Cooked breaded ham, new potatoes in butter, cauliflower cheese and passatta.

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What Are Your Food Matches Made In Heaven?

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