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If There’s 24 Eggs How Many Can 8 People Have

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Kjordan | 20:13 Thu 23rd Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
26 Answers

If there are 24 eggs how many eggs can 8 people eat



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Do they all like eggs?

3 each is one option.

Or 4 each except for two people abstaining is another.



24 looks like the obvious answer.

As many as they want

Are these 8 people French? If so, the answer is one each because for them one egg is un œuf

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Quail, chicken, duck, goose or ostrich eggs? 

.... or Scotch.

All of them if you make a big omelette :>)

yeah, like making bread dough.  Make one big omelette, put it on the scales and weigh it, then divide it by 8, one portion each, equally weighed out.

^^ :>)

I wonder if Kjordan will come back to tell us so we can all get some sleep tonight.🤣


me and nicebloke should share best answer.

I should get the best answer

OK barry, you can have it.


Maybe this is a variation or mis-statement of this question which used to do the rounds on some forums.

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If There’s 24 Eggs How Many Can 8 People Have

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