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Own Brand Baked Beans Recommendation, Please

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barry1010 | 06:39 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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My wife has decided to try an alternative to Heinz as she thinks the price is now silly.  She buys either the small 200g tins or the snackpots, depending on which is cheaper.

Are Tesco beans any good?  



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we have used tesco own brand for a couple of years, and imo they are just as good.  IIRC the bean juice is a bit thinner, which imo is good

ps that's the 'tesco' brand, not stockwell (which is another brand tesco uses for its value range)

I'm not a great baked bean fan, but Husband has not noticed that I have given him Aldi beans instead of Heinz

Cheaper brands have improved 100% since they first took to the shelves, the beans habe always been fine, but they did try to get away with putting 50% sauce in the can until the public realised the con. The sauce is now more expensive than the beans, so more beans for your buck. ALDI are just fine.:>)

^^^ beans HAVE


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Thanks for all your comments, very helpful as usual

Which of the brands has the least amount of sugar in it?

Heinz seemed very sweet the last time I tried them.

I buy 4 packs of Branston beans and split each tin into two lots. One used and the other in the fridge. Works out much cheaper than buying small tins.  You can now get 6 packs which will be even cheaper.

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Maggie, I don't think an open tin would keep for maybe 2 weeks 

My favourite tinned beans are the ones we buy in France. The beans tend to be a bit bigger than the UK ones, and they are definitekly a savoury dish, unlike the UK ones which are very sweet (inherited US taste). My daughter in law comes from Brazil and was astonished when she first net UK beans, which she found weirdly sweet.

In the UK there are less sweet ones if you look for them (they mustn't have sweetener in them as that defeats the aim of learning to dislike sweetness).

Not a very helpful post I'm afraid.

Branston for me.  Lovely rich sauce.

I always buy Tesco own brand reduced sugar and salt beans

Aldi beans. 49p and you honestly can't tell the difference to Heinz. We thought they'd be watery and tasteless , but no exactly the same. 

I must admit, I'm very fussy about my baked beans! Have always had Heinz. I must try some other brands. I might start with Sainsburys'. Heinz's are extortionate, price wise. I do begrudge paying all that money for 4 cans. 


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Does Aldi sell small tins?

Oddly enough there was a program on TV a few weeks ago talking about this ( own brands) It now appears that 85% of products that are cheaper to buy ( such like beans) are produced by the big Trade Mark names such as Heinz, cereals, cakes, anything you can think of. How do they do it? well its all down to the ingredients they say, they just put a little less in, and not always less in beans, its a sight tweek to everything else. When they are producing on a massive scale, a slight tweek can save thousands of pounds, hence they can sell them cheaper to any supplier who wants to promote own brand.

Who helps fill the black hole of lost cash turnover, its the customer that is so hooked on to still buying the Trade Mark name, thats why the likes of Heinz keep on increasing their own brand in an effort to hold on to cash turnover and profit margin.

You would be amazed where M&S have a lot of their own brand named made. The customers that are still hooked on big Trade Mark names are doing us all a great favor. :0)

Barry, did you see my post at 10.39?

Ask the missus if she will try the Stockwell ones from Tesco @ 28p for a full-size tin.

If she only takes out half and throws the rest away, it would only amount to 14p being thrown away.

I open a tin, use half and put the other half in a container in the fridge for the next day but use them for something different. 

Must admit I don't keep them longer than that.


12.44 Never seen small tins barry, but just put half tin in a sealed container, don't leave in the tin.

nicebloke, did they do a taste test for that programme?

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Own Brand Baked Beans Recommendation, Please

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