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Black Pud

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Vagus | 17:37 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Food & Drink
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How do you cook/eat yours? Just curious 🧐 



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That looks fab, we love a hotpot

Barry, grew up on it 

And me, often followed by steamed suet pudding and custard 

Stodgy puds yummy 

Spotted dick, Treacle pudding - bring 'em on, Yum yum.

Don't know why we called it treacle pudding, we used golden syrup, the food of the gods

I never understood that, same with treacle tart, and I'm a chef 

Wiki says :-

Treacle is any uncrystallised syrup made during the refining of sugar. The most common forms of treacle are golden syrup, a pale variety, and black treacle, a darker variety similar to molasses. Black treacle has a distinctively strong, slightly bitter flavour, and a richer colour than golden syrup.

Than ks canary

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Black Pud

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