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Rip Off?

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miser | 08:56 Sun 17th Dec 2023 | Food & Drink
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We all know that well-known brands are more expensive than lesser- known alternatives but I assumed they were at least equal to the lesser-known brands for quality.

Lidl were out of stock of Casaburo olive spread so I bought Bertolli, the brand leader which costs a lot more.

I have just compared the two brands to find the Casaburo contains 21% olive oil and weighs 500g and the Bertolli has 10% olive oil and weighs 450g.



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Casaburo lists water as its main ingredient, Bertolli the oils. 

Has it changed the recipe?  According to this, it has 12% olive oil.


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They both list vegetable oils before water. Bertolli lists 10% olive oil and Casaburo says 21% on the packs.

But which do you prefer, for taste and texture?  That's what counts

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They taste the same to me

On BARRY's link, there's an image of the list of ingredients showing 12% olive oil.


Lidl s has more water than any type of oil, Bertolli has less water than oil.


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