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Please Help Me Release My Soup!

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NoseyNose | 00:28 Sat 06th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Earlier this evening,I emptied a tin of soup,into a plastic(microwavable) bowl.It has four clips,which I clicked into place.I put the bowl in the microwave for 3 minutes.When it came out,it looks as if the lid has been stuck down,by a vacuum that has been created.

Try as I may,I cannot release the lid,not by any hot or cold methods.

Can anyone suggest how to release the lid,if not I shall have to just throw the whole thing in the bin.

I have tried puncturing the lid,but it is too thick and tough.It's made by Lock & Lock,which is a really well made product!

Any ideas guys?




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Avatar Image From that article...DO leave a gap for your food to breatheWe did mention that you should cover your food, but make sure you’ve left a little gap in your container for your food to ventilate. For example, microwave-ready Tupperware containers can warp and damage if...
00:45 Sat 06th Jan 2024

🎶Life is a minestrone.🎶


I use these in the microwave that's what they are for but there is a bit in the middle of the lid needs to be left open whilst microwaving. 

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barry1010 and others,

No, the soup is still imprisoned.I have tried various suggestions,but the Minestrone seems determined to stay put.I will give it till this evening,but then the soup(and the bowl) will be consigned to the bin.

No wonder chefs tear their hair out! LOL

What did you have to eat instead of the soup?

were you making a very tasty Lock-a-Leekie soup then?

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Minestrone stays locked in bowl.

So I opened a tin of Vegetable soup instead,and cooked in the conventional way,in saucepan on the hob.

It didn't actually take much longer than the microwave.


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I like it,I like it!

But sadly,it would be FREE the Tesco Soup(I am slumming it!)LOL

IMO...if I wanted to heat a can of soup, I'd do it in a small pan on the hob. You can stir it and have more control...and not much can go wrong (unless you decide to go for a walk while it's heating!).

Did you manage to release the clips ?

If not, then perhaps use pliers for leverage.


Afterwards perhaps use a flat head screwdriver to CAREFULLY pry off the top.


Worst comes and you could always drill regular holes just under the top to release the vacuum, then use the bowl for microwaving in, in future.

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A really BIG thank you,for all your advice and suggestions.

However,given the (very) cheap price of a tin of Tesco soup, it looks like it its sadly headed for the bin!

It's the saucepan method in the future for me.

Good on ya' fella, at least we know you're safe with that method. I would've binned the other stuff as well, and I hate wasteing food.

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Update on soup.

Imprisoned soup(and bowl) are now residing in the dustbin.

Just made

Soup (Broccoli and Stilton)




Broccoli and Stilton

Simple,thanks to all the AB'ers that helped me.LOL

Another tip (which you may already know) is to micro it for one minute, then stir it, then micro it again for about 30 seconds, stir it again, micro for another 30 seconds, stir again and try it to see if it's hot enough. If not, bung it again for another 30 seconds, etc.

In a bowl... 😋

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Apologies,I have answered this in two questions,as it does apply to both answers.

An update,and a discovery for microwaving soup!

After ranging through all the kitchen cupboards,I discovered I had this all the time!

Because it is a saucepan(and I was looking for a bowl)I didn't recognise it as a microwave item! User Recommendation?tag=theans-21

What you can find when you use your eyes(and your mind)! LOL



Vagus is a bit of a stirrer!

Oooh Tilly 🥄

-- answer removed --

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Please Help Me Release My Soup!

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