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Pineapple On Your Cooked Breakfast

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Vagus | 11:21 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Apparently many many years ago a slice of pineapple was always included in a cooked breakfast.

Would you give it a go? I would.



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Pineapple reacts with some medications . Best  to check first.

Not for me, I dislike fruit with my savoury(unless its a proper Carabean take out).

When I worked nights my breakfast used to be a bagel with cream cheese, ham and orange marmalade

My fried  breakfasts were always just bacon and fried tomatoes and perhaps a sausage if we on holiday.  I swapped my egg for  extra tomatoes.  I don't think pineapple would mix well with fried tomatoes.  We haven't had a fried breakfast for years  now though.   Mr L enjoyed his holiday breakfasts.  I preferred continental breakfasts with cheeses and various meats. I think  Pineapples would go down well.

True, Andres, i'm okay with pineapple but, unfortunately, i cannot havemy favourite fruit - grapefruit - because i take statins. Though once every couple of months..........

I love pineapple with cheese and love it to with cheese on toast.  I also love sweet with salty and sweet with savoury.  Not so keen as sweet on its own.  I wouldn't eat gammon without pineapple.

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When we're on one of our jaunts somewhere in the UK we often treat ourselves to a cooked breakfast out somewhere and as I never or very, very rarely do one at home, its a real treat. OH always asks to swap his beans for something else.

Calmck, I could quite go for that 😋

By the by, i only use fresh pineapple. Can't be doing with the tinned pineapple rings - far too sweet, imho. As i make my own sweet 'n' sour sauce, i always save some pineapple and will have gammon the day after.

When we had cooked breakfasts as young 'uns we had sauteed (or fried as it was always called then) pineapple or even better fried banana to go with the bacon. I still love the banana blending with the other ingredients.

I'm with YMB - I've never liked fruit with savoury.


While we're on the subject of a full English....hash browns are an obimanation. The only partially acceptable potato based food on a FL is bubble, and I'm not even convinced about that.

When ex Mr pasta and I were together, it was a cooked breakfast every Saturday and Sunday. I had to clear it up while he had a long walk with the dog.

I'll have cooked breakfast for dinner now...minus beans and toast. And no thanks to the pineapple. I like it well enough, but it gives me tummy ache. I don't like gammon, so that's a no too. Baked ham and pineapple is popular in the US. 

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I only use fresh pineapple too, Ken, I have one sitting in the kitchen as we speak which needs attention. 
Ooh, bacon and banana, lovely. I make kebabs with chunks of banana wrapped in bacon threaded on a skewer along with peppers, onions and chicken, and basted with something with a bit of heat 😋

I don't mind what's in a cooked breakfast..potatoes can be any which way, I prefer toast to fried bread but will happily eat either, prefer fried or poached to scrambled eggs but it wouldn't be a deal breaker, I could do without sausages and have more bacon but will eat and enjoy both, love baked beans, tomatoes and mushrooms, and black pudding. And pineapple if I can find a place which serves it on a breakfast 😉

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That's why I don't do them at home pasta, far too much clearing up, and trying to coordinate everything to be cooked properly at the same time.

That's why I hated roast dinners way back when. 😉

Hash browns have to be "proper" not the preformed ones. Diced pre boiled potatoes fried with onions

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Pineapple On Your Cooked Breakfast

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