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Coffee Pod Machine,Advice Please

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NoseyNose | 03:11 Sun 25th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Yes,it's me with another kitchen query.

A friend thinks that my making freshly ground(from beans) coffee is a big faff,(I use a Cafetière),and suggested I buy a Coffee Pod Machine.

Is the resulting drink as good as a Cafetière,and how does it compare with using freshly ground beans,and what is the price comparison Beans V Coffee Pods?

Has anyone got any advice or suggestions about this please.

You guys have always given me good kitchen advice,so I trust you on this one!LOL



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It depends which pods you buy.

Mrs Oz has a pod machine, her second one.

Swears by it, not at it.

She orders a box of 100 pods online, costs approx $1:10 per cup.

But I'm not a coffee snob, instant @ $0.15 approx suits me.

Coffee pods are good they but an espresso made from beans is superior to a pod.

Why not just buy ground coffee?

I gave my pod machine away, the coffee was not hot enough for me and it only made small cups of coffee. I was disappointed with it.

//Coffee pods are good they but an espresso made from beans is superior to a pod.//

I nearly understood that Red, guess it's early up there.😇

The beauty of a pod is the beans don't get a chance to go stale, ground and sealed quickly. 

But, in saying that, instant suits me.

Mrs Ozzie's pod machine can make a small or large cup Baz, depends which button you push.

I know the pod machines have developed over the years since I bought mine but I won't be tempted to buy another 

And I'll never use one, but, Mrs Ozzie wouldn't live without one.

Horses for courses 

Forget pods, cafetiere, freshly-gound beans etc and buy some good instant coffee.  Any of the 3 Nescafe Azera choices, or Nescafe Gold Blend Espresso (NOT the ordinary Gold Blend).  Quite expensive, but often on offer in different supermarkets if you keep an eye open.

Not all pods fit all machines, so you might be restricted.  We are very pleased  with our bean to cup machine and we can buy any beans we like.

If you are happy using your cafetière stick with it.

It all depends on how you have your coffee. Espresso, with milk (hot or cold milk), black an americano. A pod machine is less hassle especially if you like flavoured or with hot milk and there is nothing to wash up. Some pod machines also do cold coffee and hot chocolate and I have seen horlicks pods. We use pods from Amazon "Starbucks Latte" are a good bargain. 


Nespresso and Dolce Gusto are two different machines. You can get a machine that has adapter holders for different pod makes. Here Portugal most supermarkets have their own brand pods for different machines

Stick to a Cafetiere and a bag of ground coffee. Easy and a good drink. I buy lidl no 4 french coffee @ £2.19 per 227g lasts forever @ pennies a cup. All these fancy coffee machines / pods is just another money spinning fad.

I have a Nespresso Vertuo pod machine and I love the results. I generally have an Odacio ora Stormio, both of which are an Americano-type coffee. There is no faff and you get a coffee in under a minute. It is expensive (about 50-60p a cup) but worth it if you have the money. I do have some concerns about the waste/recycling, but they do at least take away all the aluminium and say that they're recycling it (and they have got B Corp accreditation).

I've got a Nespresso Vertuo ad have gone back to ground in a cafetiere.  The Vertuo pods are only available from Nespresso, so a phaff to buy. If you do get a pod machine, make sure you have ample available pod supplies.


An Espresso from a pod is lovely though and I do still use the machine for them.

I got a bean-to-cup machine furing the Currys sale. Works well for me (although I'd advise against getting one that automatically does the milk for you unless you like your coffee lukewarm).


Hi Gordon, how you doing? Hope you have settled in well.

Well, I've tried all sorts of different coffee machines and I've never found a coffee I really love.

Some years ago I went to visit a friend and her coffee was lovely.

When I asked her about it, she said, 'It's only Nescafe De-caff!'

Coffee machines can sometimes end up at the back of the cupboard like mine have. Sorry, I can't help with this.

Question Author


Thanks for your thoughts.I grind beans for my coffee at the moment,I just wondered how it compared with coffee pods?


I keep my beans in an airtight container,so they never go stale.I usually buy Costa Mocha beans from Tesco, a delicious blend tasting of coffee and chocolate.


Instant coffe is nothing like REAL coffee,from freshly ground beans.Sorry.


Yes, I think that I shall stick to my cafetière,it makes great coffee from freshly ground beans.


Yes,I shall stick to my freshly ground beans coffee,in a cafetière.


You are confirming my thoughts on Pod Machines.

BTW,I sign my new Tenancy agreement on March 8th,and hope to have moved in by March 15th!

When you have lived inn a 3 bed bungalow for 24 years,moving to 1 bed flat(however nice) means a LOT of downsizing!LOL

Thanks for the best wishes anyway

Kind Regards,Gordon.


Re downsizing Rye Auctions is very reliable. They did very well for us

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Coffee Pod Machine,Advice Please

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