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Jacket Potato

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Vagus | 19:16 Sun 17th Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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With tuna mayo and sweetcorn topping for us shortly. I really enjoy it, OH puts up with it. His favourite is homemade coronation chicken topping...what's yours?



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I like both of the above choices, Vagus, but also cheese/pickle.

Chilli con carne with a dollop of creme fraiche for me and some broken Chilli heatwave Doritos sprinkled on top.

Jacket potato with beans and cheese is the little one's favourite meal.

Chilli con Carne on top with some grated cheese - yummy !!


Me also. Definitely chilli-con -carne but also Tuna,chopped onion and anchovy

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Agree re Tuna, btw.  A nice simple buttery potato topped with tuna mayo and a nice salad on the side is a lovely midweek meal.

I had that tonight with Red Leicester cheese. Not to keen on spuds really. Unfortunately I’ve overdone eating the Coronation Chicken of late.

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It seems chilli is a favourite. Much as I like chilli, I feel it's a waste to put it on top of a jacket potato, I'd rather have it with rice, seems more like a 'proper' meal.

David, we've overdone coronation chicken in the past too, giving it a rest for now.

Evening Vagus, I had half a jacket with sour cream and crispy bacon for dinner with a hotdog sausage on the side.

was eating up leftovers as I'm away again tomorrow.

I like it with rice, too, Vagus, but I still have to have the Creme fraiche and broken-up Doritos.  

I very rarely eat them but when I do no topping at all for me.  Just plain jacket potato.

Red Cabbage for me please.

Naomi, don't you have butter on it?

I often have it with just butter but sprinkle some chives on top.

No, nothing Barsel.  Just as it is.

Grilled bacon.

I also prefer a jacket potato as it is with a little butter or salt. favourite topping if we have one: egg mayo or prawn Marie Rose.

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I too enjoy a jacket spud with just loads of butter and salt but rarely have one, I like to have a mound of topping so it makes a complete meal.

I may have to make coronation chicken as a topping after all, later this week, as we're having a roast chicken dinner tonight and I'm sure OH will want the leftovers coronated 👑

Thanks for all replies 👍

Cheese and Beans

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Jacket Potato

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