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Why Does Aldi Keep Changing Their Food Line?

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renegadefm | 20:05 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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As a family we find it incredibly frustrating that Aldi will randomly change their food line. 


Best example I can give is we took a special trip to our local Aldi today, as I discovered their Sausage hot pot ready meal, and I thought it was delicious, so we have been regularly buying it for weeks. 


But today it's been replaced with something else. When we asked a member of staff why have they discontinued it, they look at you like your an alien. As if we should know that Aldi regularly changes their food line. Of course this doesn't help the customer one bit. 


So why does Aldi bring out something that flies off the shelf, only to discontinue it?


This isn't the first time this has happened, I was using my example which happened today, but it's so annoying. 


Surely what they are doing is to their detriment in the long run, as I walked out empty handed. 



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See it as an opportunity to try something new.

It's not just ready meals.  Their tinfoil and cling film used to be the best, now it's not worth buying.

You really have to watch the weight of the goods in the packet, it fluctuates seemingly week to week.

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It takes me all my time to find something I really like, and Aldis sausage hot pot was delicious, and I can't get it anywhere else. 


I liked it that much my partner tried cooking her own version in the slow cooker, but it wasn't as nice. 


But my point is if this annoys me, imagine how many customers it affects. 


That day it was that particular product that drew me to the shop. We went there specifically for it. So to see it gone is quite annoying, so we didnt spend a single penny there, and ended up going to Asda. Surely we can't be the minority?


If something is popular, why discontinue it? 

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Why Does Aldi Keep Changing Their Food Line?

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