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Birds Eye Beef Burgers

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Dizmo | 22:27 Wed 17th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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I've noticed that the recipe has now changed (added plant protein and less beef) and they taste not so good.

There are 8 reviews on their website - all of them are 1 star.

Has anyone had Birds Eye beef burgers recently, and did you used to eat them many years ago (before the recipe change)?



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I have got them on my Tesco order for tomorrow's delivery.

Hadn't noticed that, I've got about an hour if I want to change it.

We used to get the quarterpounders for the barbie but not for a few years now, the wee ones were a bit meh.

Thanks for that Dizmo, managed to change my order.

Use to like those burgers as they have onion in them, but I can easily add some onions to the pan.

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Barsel: My partner used to absolutely love their burgers. She said that the new recipe taste awful, she said that the texture and taste is not good. She said she'd rather eat the box they came in.

If you've ordered more than one packet, I'd probably remove the others. I know we've all got different tastes, so some may find them ok. I'm just shocked at how bad they are now. Our local Sainsbury's has stopped stocking the smaller Birds Eye beef burgers and only sell the Birds Eye 1/4 pounder's now, because of drop in sales (well, that's what they told me anyway).

Douglas, you're not missing out on anything!

I now get Morrison's own make burgers - very succulent and tasty. Birds Eye are too thin

no but off the track - I had Youngs fish fingers last night and they were rotten - threw the rest out.

We've got to scrutinise the packaging these days to see what we are eating.  If the fish fingers or any battered/breaded fish doesn't say cod in big letters on the front, it isn't.

Government health guidelines to reduce sugar/fat/salt has changed recipes and the companies trying to produce within the pay point is behind these changes.

Yes we bought some a month or so ago and they do taste different.  More like a cardboard after taste and nothing like they used to taste.  Have to BBQ the other couple of packets and hope for the best.  Will have to get some Angus burgers next time and put some onion in with them.  Why do they have to keep changing recipes that work.

I answered that in my previous post, shedman.  Government guidelines on salt/fat/sugar and trying to keep to the price point when the cost of ingredients, manufacture, packaging, transport and storage keep rising

Whenever I see "New improved recipe" on a product I assume it means "Increased profits" for the manufacturer.

Maybe they will go back to the old recipe when sales fall.  This is usually the only thing that will make it happen.  I know we wont be buying them again.

Just make your own, cheaper, tastier and as healthy and flavoursome as you wish to make them.

It's simple and doesn't take much effort

"New improved" they ought to be damn near perfect by now!

If you made them yourself they would be😉

Did that many years ago 1ozzy but got too lazy in my old age.  Like the simple life these days but yes they did taste better when we made our own.

Then suffer in silence Sheddy, its so easy and cheap to make.

A few minutes in the kitchen and all of a sudden you're a chef😆

But you still need to cook them, like Gordon Ramsay would🤣

Well, I managed to remove them and have added these instead.

I wonder why the second ingredient is water.

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Birds Eye Beef Burgers

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