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When Was The Last Time You Ate Faggots?

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barry1010 | 07:41 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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We are having them for dinner today, made by our butcher.  Probably the last until autumn.

I remember Mr Brains faggots advertised a lot on the TV years ago, always thought the name unfortunate.  We tried them once but weren't keen.  Not a patch on proper butchers faggots.

Do they still advertise?




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It is your loss.


//I've eaten real brains ....//

I did also when I sailed into Barfleur. There was a hotel just above the harbour where I tasted Calve's brains. They were delicious.

I last ate Faggots about a year ago. They came from Farm Foods ,frozen in a box. They were OK. Ican't remember if they were Brain's brand or own brand. Not a patch on the Faggots,peas and gravy I often enjoyed in a pub in the mountains of South Wales.

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It's all good, nutritious food, tasty too.

Thanks all, I enjoyed reading your comments 

Many many years ago - and I didn't like them. But I wouldn't mind giving butcher's version a try.

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When Was The Last Time You Ate Faggots?

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