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Is It Normal To Feel Tired That You Don't Feel Like Eating?

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abbeylee90 | 19:55 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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I finished work at 6pm and I just feel very tired I'm off my food



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Get to bed and get up for breakfast.

yes, for me at least.

i had a piece of cheese tonight cause i cant be botheredwith aything else

If you're not used to a full day's work then you will feel tired and that can mean you don't feel hungry or can't be bothered organising a meal. It's not a problem unless you stop eating altogether for more than a few days.

Just eat a banana.

Speaking for myself, Abbey, I sometimes don't feeling like eating after I've had a busy day - and can't be bothered cooking. Have a little rest and you might feel more like a meal.

Yes, it's normal - at least as far as I am concerned. You gradually  come around and eat.   The hard  bit comes when you feel like that and have to make a meal for a family.  Usually I could manage to eat with them by the time I'd finished.

Now, I  would just have a nibble of cheese, say, and a banana (very good for instant carbohydrate energy).  When I felt better I'd eat.

chew a piece of bread and butter to keep your sugar levels up

yes, but don't give up eating entirely. Have some breakfast when you wake up.

Just eat when you feel hungry no need to force yourself. You may be ready for a good breakfast tomorrow

I wonder how on earth you would cope if you had to consider anyone else besides yourself.  

If you had to cook for a family, for example. 

Millions of women (and men) come home after a day's work, feeling washed out and exhausted, and have to start cooking a meal for a family because there is no one else to do it.  

You should do the same thing. Just get up and get on with it.   

Are you still Home Alone abbey? Are  your parents still away? 

Yes, it can happen. And I bet you already know- BUT- nutrition is so important. so if you could even drink a little Carnation (brand) Instant Breakfast it'll help your body recover from exhaustion. 

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Is It Normal To Feel Tired That You Don't Feel Like Eating?

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